Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How To: DIY Envelope AND Cocktail Napkin Pillows!

Girlfriends!  What's up!?!?!

So, I've started on Paisley's nursery....and it, my friends, is a labor of love!  Especially when you decide that at least 97% of decor will be DIY.  Which I did.  And am in the process of doing.......

Today I wanted to show you these cute DIY pillows I made for her Nursery.  I did two different versions--the Envelope-back pillow, and one made out of a cocktail napkin and flat sheet.  

First up, The Envelope-Back Pillow:
Ingredient List:
Sewing Machine
Your choice of fabric--I used blue chevron (above)
Pillow--I used this old one that we have had in our linen closet the past 5 years....(from J Chen's "I don't wanna be a playa no more" days.  Ha! Like he was EVER a playa!)

Now, I didn't do a tutorial, because, well, girl I can barely sew!  I totally winged it.  However, I did find this awesome one for you use--I was pretty close to perfect.  Heeeeyyyyyy girrrrllllll!

Next!  The Cocktail Napkin and Flat Sheet Pillow.  For reals.
Ingredient List:
Sewing Machine
Cocktail Napkin--or a Fat Quarter/Square of Fabric--of your choice.  I used that cool orange paisley napkin (above).
Flat Sheet--or whatever fabric you want for the back!  I just had some remnants left over after slip-covering the chair above in a white flat sheet.
Stuffing--I used an old pillow I found in a closet and cut it open. Ha!

Now, I also didn't do a photo tutorial for this, but that's because it's stupid-easy.
Step One:  Depending on what fabric you're using, make sure to cut your squares evenly.  I laid the sheet over the napkin and cut to that size.
Step Two:  Place the pretty sides of fabric together (the sides you'll want on the OUTSIDE of you pillow) and pin.
Step Three:  Sew around the edges, leaving about 2 inches open for the stuffing.  Turn right side out. 
Step Four (Optional):  At this point, your pillow is almost done.  (Yay, you!)  Now, this where I added the "P" inital you see above.  I used my Sily (silhouette machine) and cut out a large "P" on dark pink vinyl.  Then I ironed it on the front.
Step Five:  Stuff it, girl!  Using whatever stuffing you have, stuff the pillow to the size you like.
Step Six:  Either sew, glue, or use some interfacing to close the stuffing opening.
Step Seven:  ROCK IT GIRL! 

There you have it, 2 totally unique DIY pillows!  All for you!  Enjoy :)

Big (Pillows can make a room!) Smile,