Monday, January 30, 2012

How To: 5 Minute DIY Dreamcatcher Earrings

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Let's do some math.  5 minutes + $3 = Stupid Awesome Dreamcatcher earrings.  It's true.  And I barely passed my college courses.  But let's keep that on the DL--J Chen still thinks I'm super smart ;-)

I'm in a weird mood, so I'm gonna cut to the tutorial chase.  No ramblings tonight.  Sorry, question mark?

Ingredient list at large:
Dreamcatchers--$3 at Hobbit Lobbit
2 jump rings--free (for me anyways)
earring thingys--free (for me anyways)

Step One:
and really the only step.....using your pliers, separate your jump rings.  Once open, hook in earrings and dreamcatchers.  Squeeze shut with pliers.
open up and hook in.
squeeze shut!
 Step Two:
Oh girl, you're already done!  It's time to ROCK IT GIRL!

I can't decide if I love this photo or hate it.....Eh.
Cute, huh?  YES!  :)

Thanks for hangin!

Big (catch THIS dream, bitch) Smile,

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Donut Wreath for Valentine's Day!

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Hi Girls!

I'm super excited to show you my new Valentine's Wreath!  Last year I made this one, but I up-cycled it into this one for St. Pattys, so I had no choice but to make a new one.  :)

When I started out, I was looking to do a tradish wreath--you know, red and purple flowery-thingys.  THEN, as I sat down to make it I got the BRILLIANT (if I do say so myself, and I do) idea to make a donut wreath.  Ah yeah, that's what's doin for Val 2012!

Wanna see how I did it?  Cause I really wanna show you! :)

Ingredient List:
Socks--I used 7 pairs of little boys, 8-2
Sheets of Felt
Hot Glue
Wreath--I used a 10inch form wrapped in purple yarn

Scrapbook Paper to add a Pennant-Like Message

1.  I made up 7 mini donuts (the same ones as I use in my hair) using little boys socks, size 8-2.  Why I had these?  Zero idea.  I ended up doubling up the socks--rolling one into a donut, then taking another and rolling it up into a double donut.  Ohhhh, double donut?  Gimme 5, right now!
2.  Felt Frosting time!  I used hot pink, violet and red felt, then traced the bangle to use as my circle.
3.  Once you have a circle cut out, fold as shown, and snip off the middle to make the opening of your frosting.
4.  This is more of a "TAH DAH!" photo only :)  Oh, and get your "sprinkles" ready.
5.  Freehand a scallop edge around your frosting.  Hot glue the top of your donut and set frosting atop.  Add your sprinkles to your liking--I like LOTS of sprinkles.  SHOCKER.
6.  Another "TAH DAH!" Photo :)

Here's your Optional Step:
I used my Sily and cut out this "Love" Shape and just glued it to a piece of scrap ribbon.  Then it just glued to the back of the wreath.  Easy, girl.

Your final step!  Glue your donuts around your wreath.  Things that are easy for $1000.  :)  You know what's next, right?  YOU ROCK IT, GIRL!!!!  Rock it like you MADE it.  Like you MADE a KICKASS DONUT wreath.  CAUSE YOU DID!  And now all your neighbors are jealy.  You're welcome.

Thanks for hanging!

Big (Rock that Donut Wreath, Girl!) Smile,
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Friday, January 20, 2012

Admire? Acquire!: Up-Cycled Feather Necklace

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Girls, I TOLD YOU I was working on some other projects this week! This one is another up-cycle; but even easier than than the last one. Believe it or not. But you really should believe it.  :)

So, it's looking like feathers will continue to be a big trend in 2012, which I'm happy about, seems how I didn't really jump on the fashion bandwagon with them in 2011.

You see feather necklaces all around the inet and Pinterest:

Natural Feather Necklace Bronze Turquoise Blue Accent from Etsy

Cool, huh? The answer is yes. Sooooo, I decided to make one of my own for zero dollars.  

Ingredient list:
Feather Brooch--or any other brooch if feathers aren't your thang, girl
Necklace Chain
Super Glue

Step One--The ONLY step :-)  Super clue your chain to the back of your brooch. DONE. Let it set overnight to secure firmly.

Here's the finished product! All pretty and ready to ROCK!

And this would be me ROCKIN IT, GIRL!  

That's it!  Super easy, stupid cheap, and totally on trend.  Yeah Yeah Girl!

Big (Keep it simple!) Smile,

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Admire? Acquire!: Drop Earrings

So....they're not an exact match. 
They're just B.Chenified a little more :)

Hey girllllls!

So.  What do you do when life gives you a broken necklace? You make cool shit! Earrings to be exact.  Knockoff Kate Spade Earrings. You break that sucker up and up-cycle, yo! That's what I did anyway.  :-)

So....I hoard everything. Just in case. And tonight, it paid off. I was looking for a third project of the night--the 2 others aren't ready to show quite yet--and came across it in one of the many crevasses of the Creation Station. My Mother would call it a "hell hole." My dad would appreciate the mess.  :-)

I had this necklace from Target Boutique I bought a couple years ago--it was a J.Crew knockoff--and I think it broke before I even wore it. I'll bet the J.Crew necklace wouldn't have broken. If only I could afford J.Crew whenever I want......#brokeisthenewrich.

Chenyways, here we go!
Ingredient list:
Broken Necklace (or one you're sick of)
Earring Hooks

Step One:  Using the pliers, I broke up my necklace to begin my earring design.

 Step Two:  I added parts of the chain to to support the sides.

Step Three:  Next I used a jump ring from the necklace to attach the earring hook.

Step Four:  Well, girls, that's it.  And it appears that these babies are READY TO ROCK!

What do think????  Cute, right?  Rock-tastic, right?  RIGHT!  :)
Your turn!  :)

Big (damn it feels good to be a gangsta) Smile,

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sick, so I'm pimpin my goods!

Oh Gals....Girlfriend has been super under the weather the past week.  So that has clearly interfered with creation station time, resulting in zero posts.  Sorry. :-(

I do have some cute new onesies to show that are up for sale on my etsy page--howsabout I just pimp them here?  Ok then!

For all the Harry Potter Fans out there, I introduce "Muggle Born"
 For flat-chested girls (and BABIES!) like me, please meet "Yes, they're real."
 And for all those babies that just need some space, DAMMIT, here is "if you can read this, you're within roundhouse kick range."
Who doesn't love The Office!?!?!  Ode to Michael, "That's what she said."

That's pretty much all I have the strength for tonight friends.  Thanks for stopping by!

Big (this better be worth it!) Smile,

Friday, January 6, 2012

Coffee and a (hair bun) Donut

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My chocolate hair bun donut

Guess who called me out AGAIN for being absent on posts?  One J I think I know everything Chen.  This boy drives me up the wall--especially when he's right. I really don't have anything to blame it on--just myself.

So once upon last week I was surfing Pinterst in search of all things donuts--another obsession of mine, like cupcakes, except unlike cupcakes, I love to eat these the most of any sweet in the world--and came across these hair bun donuts.  I am the queen of messy buns so I had to check this out.  The tutorial is here at Refinery29, a site that I love love love.

It's easy, free, and best of all, looks awesome!

The donut is just a sock, toe cut off, and rolled up into itself into a "donut".   Throw your hair up in a pony and put the donut through.  You may need to rat your hair a little--depending on your hair type.  Then just use the end of your rat comb to tuck in the hair under donut.  Pin as necessary, spray that bad boy and ROCK IT GIRL!

I made a bunch of these--one to throw in my hot yoga bag, one to keep in my purse, and another just waiting in the bathroom to get ROCKED.  I made mine in both white AND black, since my hair these days is a super dark "cherry cola" of sorts.

Wanna see how it looks?  Sure you do!

A messy bun is the perfect companion to any sort of hairband or clippy.  It's allllll good :-)

This is for sure a "Do it GAL"!  So, do it already!  Rock it gurrrrlllll.  :)

Update:  Guess what I found while hanging on the inet?  Um, a real life "professional" hair donut, from ASOS.  It's only $6....but why not just make it for free?  :)

Big (Yummy Yummy Hair Donut) Smile,