Monday, February 28, 2011

It's a felt-TAC-tic giveaway!!!!

It's giveaway time!!!!  I really want to try and do this every week or so--so hold me to it if I forget!  :)

I've been meaning to work on some more "inspirational" pieces to share, but due to a zombie-like weekend on my part, I just didn't get to it.  But tonight I did manage to squeeze in some time, despite the fact that I didn't get home from work till 8pm and I'm a crybaby exhausted....I just really wanted share this with you :)  I'm a giver, what can I say?

While I was literally searching for inspiration last week, I came across these super fun push pins from Anthropology.  The price isn't all that outrageous, only $15 for 20, especially for Anthro, but still, I knew that I could make these.  Or at least something like them, with the felties that I already had made up.

Here's the inspiration:
Aren't they darling?  Yeah, I thought so too.

Here's what I came up with:
Man, I wish I had a professional camera at times like this.....

Whadaya think?  Want them?!?!  It's easy to enter--just leave a comment about how awesome I am!

Want these REAL bad?  Repost this giveaway on your page--make sure to tag me so I know--and you'll get an extra entry.  REALLY want these?  Sign up to follow the blog, tell me in the comments, and you'll get a total of 3 "giveaway wants" for you.

So come on, share the love, repost this cute giveaway and imagine your cube/bulletin/photo collage/wall with these felt-TAC-tic push pins!

Big Smile!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Grey and Yellow, Grey and Yellow!

Yes, I'm singing that to the tune of "black and yellow, black and yellow".  Got a little ghetto in me.....

So I just wanted to share this simple little rosette hair clippy that I recently made and LOVE.  I'm not sure if it's the color combo (I'm a sucker for grey and yellow) or the fact that I really want it to be spring and actually SEE a yellow flower....Huh, weird.

What this?  Get it now!

Want to make your own, check out my rosette how-to.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Winner, Winner, B.Cheniful Dinner!!!!

Ok, maybe not dinner, but food is awesome and so are b.cheniful creations.  :)

First, thank you ALL for following the blog--expect lots of giveaways!  And as always, fun how-tos and b.cheniful creations.

This time, there could only be ONE winner and that winner is Stephanie Lerg!  Congratulations girl!!! Choose whatever you want, and I'll make it happen for you.  Clearly I'm all about custom if you see something you want, but more specific to you.  :)

Stephanie has been an amazing supporter of b.cheniful--before it was even b.cheniful--so this serves as a big thank you from me to her!


Big Smile!

Felt Rosettes--How To!

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red rosette infant hairband.
Who doesn't love these little rosettes?!?  They're totally darling and can be any size, shape or color you want!  Group them into twos, threes, fours or even just one rosette and they turn into a whimsy hair clip or pin that grabs lots of attention (and probably a little envy).

The best part about these little guys?  SUPER easy to create!  Wanna try?

Materials needed:
felt sheet, cut into squares (any size will work, but 3"x3" is a good size)
glue gun

step 1:  Make that square a circle!
cut around the square to form a large circle.

step 2:  Spiral!
cut your circle from the outside-in in a spiral shape.
you can also draw your spiral on the felt if that helps you out.

step 3:  They see me rollin....
start rolling into a little cinnamon bun from the outside in.

step 4:  Wrap it up!
Once you're done rolling, you'll notice the perfect little circle left at the end that will secure the rosette and complete the creation!

step 5: Glue me baby!
grab your glue gun and glue the back of the rosette, then place the circle over to firmly secure.
 yeah.....I probably shouldn't have used ivory on this how-to.....I swear I glued it!

step 6:  Make it your own, you're done!
make more rosettes to make a cluster, add little leaves to add to the backs, pin, clip, whatever!

I added mine to a cluster to make a hair clippy:

Thanks for coming!

Big Smile!
b. chen

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fabric Flower Hairbands--How To

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If you asked me to describe my personal style, I would have a really hard time answering you.  At the office, I like more of a J. Crew classic mixed with retro styles.  On the weekends, I like more trendy fashion, but with an edge.  I come undone a bit.  Get a little messy.

So my point is?  Well, these nifty, messy fabric flowers really fit in with my weekend/week night style.  They're casual trendy.  And awesome.  And everyone should have one.

Here's a sweetie:

2 fabric flower hairband
Want this?  Get it now!

I adore the band above--it sits really nice on the side of the head and looks messy yet pulled together at the same time.  Now, I forgot to take pictures while I was creating this one, BUT, I remembered during the orange creation.  Wanna see?

2-3 fabric flowers, any size will do
glue gun
felt for the backing
elastic hairband (this is a goodie brand--usually comes in packs of 5)

Step 1:  Get gluing! 
glue all around the back of the flowers 

Step 2:  Start placing!
assemble flowers side by side on felt sheet

I overlap here, but it's totally up to you how you do it!

Step 3:  Cut!
Cut around the flowers--make sure you don't see the felt peeking out the sides.
Step 4:  Glue and Press!
add a line of hot glue down the middle of the felt backing.
place hairband on glue line and then quickly place a small line of felt over it to adhere the glue and band together.

Step 5:  Rock that hairband, you're done!
Want this?  Get it now!

Thanks for visiting!  

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yarn wreaths for all occasions!

Hi Friends!

Over the weekend S had ANOTHER :) bridal shower.  Clearly, I like to give away b.cheniful creations as part of an overall gift and I thought that what with my new obsession of yarn wreaths, this would be a perfect opportunity to do a custom YW for Miss S.  Soon to be Mrs. S.

Girlfriend LOVES pink.  And has developed a new love for owls--similar to my love of cupcakes.  So, here is what I can up with:

First, I knew I wanted to make her an owl muppet.  I did this first as it would set the tone for the remainder of the YW.

Mrs. Muppet

Then I began the work on the rest of the felties for the YW.

Talk about a fun color story!

A big fat Tah Dah!!!!!

Want to make your own?  Do it!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Welcome, Followers!

First off, thank you to all my new "followers"!  I'm determined to make this creation blog a success and one by one, you're helping me out!

Stay tuned for some awesome b.cheniful creations--I promise not to disappoint!  :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nuptial Flowers

So, my bestie S... of, is getting hitched.  Adding a ball to the chain, taking a husband, entering into marriage-hood--or whatever.  None of that matters, cause it's happening on a CRUISE!  A fantabulous, sun-SPF 9000-soaked, 7 days miracle at the end of March.  The month that is soon approaching.  Not fast enough, but what can you do?

Hennyways, since I'm super crafty and shit, I'm in charge of hair accoutrements.  One for Pretty S, and one for K and I.  So....take a looksy at what I made for THE. BIG. DAY.

For the girl in the white-like-a-virgin dress:

Silky Feathered Flower

And for the ladies in waiting, in equally awesome dresses (not white-like-a-virgin).

Let's hear it for the girls--Silky Flower.*

* Just in case my girl S is freaking out (WHAT?!?!?) our flowers are not that dark.  They match the dress--just not matchy-matchy.  Ya see.

Big Smile!  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fun with Felt!

My current creation favorite is working with sheets of felt.  They're so versitile--from rosettes, to blooms, to petal flowers, poms, or little muppets (as I like to call them), I can spend hours a night just playing with felt! 

Here are some of my latest creations--I hope you enjoy!

rosette hair clippy.

Muppets :)

St. Pat's Yarn Wreath

rosette hairband for infant

felt hair clippy

felt hair clippy

felt petal clippy

rosette clippy

felt hair clippy

Val Yarn Wreath