Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Onesie Sale on Etsy!

Oh hey pretty!  Just in case you happen by my blog, I wanted to tell you about this kickass (no really!) promo I'm having on my Onesies.  50% off ALL onesies.  Yep, that's right.  Fiddy.  You're welcome ;-)

Here's the catch....it's only until 10pm Eastern time TONIGHT.  Like, 8 hours left only.  So, what should you do? 

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Jump of joy when they arrive.  :-)

Now go, go!

Here's a sneaky-peak!

Big (50% OFF!) Smile,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Very Merry Holiday Sunburst Mirror

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Hey girl Hey!!!

Well look at me!  Posting 2 days in a row?!?  Nuh Ugh!

It's true.  I mean, I guess when your last craft show was less than stellar it leaves you with lots of time and inventory on hand.

On my way home last night I stopped by the Dollar Tree to pick up more Sundae Cups for Pincushions.  As Dollar Tree visits always go, I ended up walking out of there with only 2 sundae cups (all they had left...WTF?)  and 25 other items.... ;-)

We're hosting Thanksgiving again this year and I really wanted the house to be quasi-decorated for Christmas already.  I spotted some super cool ornament picks that I knew instantly would make an awesome Holiday Sunburst Mirror.  I mean, shocker, right, that I would make a holiday themed sunburst mirror?  Halloween, anyone?    Not to mention just my love of them.  Ginormous mirror, anyone?

Sunbusrt mirrors make a HUGE impact for minimal dolla-dolla-bills-ya'll.

Make one with me!  Here's your ingredient list:
Glitter Picks from the Dollar Tree
5 inch mirror--found at Hobbit Lobbit
2 Packs of Large Ornament Picks--Dollar Tree
3 Pack of Medium Ornament Picks--Dollar Tree
1 Pack of Small Ornament Picks--Dollar Tree
Hot Glue (LOTS OF IT) and Glue Gun
Wire for Hanging.

I really don't believe that there is a right or wrong way to do this.  What I do is start spacing out the largest picks evenly around the mirror.

Then I just fill in as I go with different sized picks.
I indented the smallest picks.
Do that until you're satisfied.  It's your Holiday Sunburst Mirror Girl, Rock it how you want it!
A clear sign you're doing an awesome job?
When it looks this good from the back!  :)

I added a little piece of wire to hang with to the back.  Then....Well, I rocked it girl!!!
Hung above my mantle.
AND, on my way home, I'm stoping for more to make 2 more little ones to go with it! I'll update that later!
Whoop!  There she is!  :)
My stepmom said something about the mantle looking
like it has a smiley face....now I can't stop seeing it!

Rock your holidays!

Big (Sunbursting) Smile,

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ice Cream Sundae Pincushions!

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Oh Hey Pretty Gals!

So, you know how I was all worried that I was a total one-trick pony not very long ago, regarding wreaths? Well, look at me now, getting my pincushions on!  Last week I showed you how to make some awesome Cupcake Pincushions that will totally rock your friends/relatives world, and this week I'm going to show you a new twist on more yummy pincushions.

So what happened was I ran out of ramekins and I couldn't find any at the dollar store.  Cause listen, you gotsta keep your costs down, yo!  But what they did have were glass sundae dishes and regular white ice cream dishes.  Well, since I'm super in love with things that look like food, I was all over this idea!

For the ice cream dishes, I made these the same exact way I did the Cupcakes.  The only difference was that I added whipped cream and a cherry.  For the whipped cream, I used fuzzy baby yarn and wrapped it around my 3 fingers about ten times, making a mound.  Then I just glued that on the top of the ice cream and added a little red pom for a cherry.
aren't they super adorable!!!
For the ones that I like to call "Soda Shoppe Sundae", I made these a little differently. Because the glass is clear, you have to be careful about what you're using to fill it.  I used a pink fuzzy baby yarn to fill the bottom; I used the same yarn to wrap a styro ball for the ice cream.  Then I used the same whipped cream method as described above and added a cherry.  I put the pins in the whipped cream for sprinkles.  Totally adorable.  Totally nostalgic.  :)
mmmm, scrumptious!  
So, what do you think?  Clearly I think they're fab ;-)

Big (Saturday, Monday, we all scream for SUNDAE!) Smile,

Monday, November 14, 2011

Photo Card

Even with all the craziness of craftshow season I still managed to order my holiday cards!  :)

PS, this was not sponsored.  I'm not that cool.  ;-)

Polka Dot Wishes Holiday
Click here to browse Shutterfly's holiday card collection.
View the entire collection of cards.

Big (Happy Holidays!) Smile,

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How To: Make a Cupcake Pincushion!

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Ok, whoa.  Am I ever feeling guilty!  Like, seriously.  I feel like such a jerk for neglecting my blog.  :-(  Eh.

BUT, I'm totally gonna make it up to you with this kickass/easyass tutorial of greatness!  No, but for real, people are going to think you're so effing clever.  Mmmm Hmmmm.  Wanna play?

OK THEN!  Did I mention this was NO-SEW!?!??!  Cause it is.

Ingredient list for a cupcake pincushion:

  • ramekin bowl (cause who the hell knows what else to use them for anyway???)  
  • solid fabric
  • sheet of felt
  • quilt stuffing
  • rubberband
  • hot glue
  • pretty pins
Ok, cause I'm super stretched for time, I'm gonna reference this tutorial for the basics--like, the stuffing the fabric part.  They do a great job!  :)

So, now that you have the stuffing thing out of the way, all you have to do is hot glue the sucker into the ramekin.  Do a good job with this--no glue sticking out the top! Cupcakes are pretty, ok?  OK.  

NEXT, cut a felt circle and then freehand a "frosting" cloud thingy.  Basically a circle with scalloped edges.

Hot Glue that on the top of the fabric--not too much glue, this is a pin cushion after all and people will want to be able to push the pins in!  

Lastly, add your pretty pins to the top to look like sprinkles.  VOILA!  And you're welcome.  Now, tell me who wouldn't want this cutie for a gift?  You need to get some new friends if they don't just LOVE this!  

I love creating awesome things that I know people will adore ;-)
And that's that!  I'd stay for more but I have to make more cupcake pincushions for this weekend.

This is how I display them at shows, on a dessert tier:
see the teacups, too?  They don't sell nearly as well as the cupcakes.
I can't blame the people.  

Big (CUPCAKES!) Smile,