Sunday, July 31, 2011

Many-a-plans for my new silhouette.

Alright.  I decided to try and knock out another post today because OHMYGOD, my Silhouette comes tomorrow and I'm gonna be BUSY PLAYING!  YAYAYAYAYAYAY!  Yay.  YAY.  Yo, I just pounded the keyboard so hard typing that.  I'm so freaking excited!!!!!!!

Um, wanna see all the cool shit I'm gonna make with it?  Good!  :-)
You can see all of them here, on Pinterest. 

Here are my favs:






So manyables to make and do!  Thanks J Chen for letting me use YOUR birthday gift as MINE.  Love you!  Think of all the sweetass t-shirts I'm gonna make you!  Like, one a week!  Whoa.

Big (OMG, I can't believe it's true!) Smile,

White. Trash. Bash. The 3rd Annual.

Hey there, hi there, ho there.  Let's finally talk WTB.  The Third Annual. It happened last Saturday, July 23rd--in case you weren't fawning over that kickass flier on your right.                                                    

I'm hoping by now you've gotten caught up:                                                      
Check out WTB The Series here!   
Check out The 1st Annual WTB here!
Check out The 2nd Annual WTB here!!!!                                

  • it was amazing.  
  • The bands were AWESOME!  
  • Per usual, everyone was dressed to the nines.
  • I understand you're jeal.  You can totally come next year!  

    But chenyways ( J.Chen's word suggestion!).....Again, LOTS of prep time.  I started trashing the place on Wednesday night, starting with the living room and kitchen.  Thursday night I strung all the lights in the front yard, set up the santa and snowman inflatables, and nailed tarps to the walls of the garage so our bands would feel totally at home.  :-)  Friday, well, it rained.  Hardcore.  Thunder and lightening.  Baby Bacon was NOT happy.  It threaten to rain on Saturday as well--seriously, I've never been so obsessed with the weather!  Ever.  Like buying new apps for my iPhone just so I could be up to the second on any and all sprinkle embarking on MY DAY.  But guess what?  Like every other year we've hosted, it did not rain.  Nope.  It was muggy.  And steamy.  And 90 degrees.  And well, again, AWESOME.

    I told you that we dubbed this the concert series, right?  Haha, look at this photo!  Chairs galore.  

    Ok, before I get to the goods (read photos of us) I wanted to share with you my new  Signature WTB Jungle Juice Recipe. I decided to go this route this year due to the overwhelming time AND cost of jello shots.  Mostly time--We're talking like 10 hours start to finish.  This takes, oh, about 5 MINUTES.  

    B. Chen's WTB Juice:

    1 gallon Meijer (store-brand) orange drink
    2 2 liters fruit punch (Hawaiian Punch)
    1 liter sparkling tangerine-lime
    1 2 liter ruby red squirt
    1 2 liter sunkist
    1 blue Hawaiian boones
    1.75 L Bacardi
    1.75 L cherry vodka
    2 5ths peach schnapps  
    2 lbs of Frozen Fruit 
    1 5 gal Cooler--we used one of those big orange drink dispensers you see on football sidelines.

    Add fruit to cooler.  Add all liquid to cooler.  Mix it all together.  Drink.
    *note, the frozen fruit is to keep it cool--ice just waters it down.  Serve your ice on the side.  Oh, and the fruit it just a sneaky as the drink itself--you've been warned.

    On to the photos!
    Friday's set up

    Saturday, a few hours before showtime!

    Ah yes, The Chens take on People of Walmart....

    OMG, I freaking LOVE these two!  PS, that's Leah!

    Tramp Stamp and the Wife Beaters

    They GAVE me the microphone.  Sooo much power!

    It's never too early to get them ready for WTB.

    Fred was in HEAVEN
    Seriously, these guys were so awesome!
    My two girls :-)

    The ladies of the Rockford Highlands 

    Bringing back the photo prop!

    See the lights we added to WTB!?!?!  See see!

    I did a little wardrobe change at some point....

    Baby pools are soooo versatile!

    The members of Rodentt

    Who's the trashiest?
    My King and Queen of TRASH!

    An evening view.

    Oh Pattie, no one can touch you and your costumes!

    Rodentt, bringing the ROCK!

    Until Next Year.....STAY TRASHY!!!!!
    And there you have it, my little daw-lings, WTB 2011!  So exhausting, but sooo worth it!

    B.Cheniful will return to it's regular scheduled blogcasts.

    Big (STAY TRASHY) Smile,

    Friday, July 29, 2011

    A little love for Paper Wings

    Paper Wings Hairband. 
    My of-the-moment fav color combo
    Oh hey--it's been like 10 years since my last post....HI! 

    So I wanted to share a little love for Tracy at Paper Wings (yo, check out this stupid-AWESOME wreath she just made!!!  I practically jumped through my computer!) 

    See that awesome hairband I'm rockin (AND, wearing my new fav color combo!)?  Well she sent that to me.  Now let me tell you why....

    Remember the time I did the 100th Follower Giveaway?  Sure you do!  Well Tracy signed up but didn't offically win.  She did however leave a funnyass comment, so I decided she should have a freebs anyway!  It went something like this:
    Tracy said... Best Blogger Tips

    I liked you on FB!! :)

    Come on, woman, I need that headband!! :)

    So I decided she should have one!  A custom "cute as a button" hairband just for my girl!  Of course I forgot to take a photo (Dear B.Chen) but she chose this one as her inspiration:
    Henyways,  as a thank you back to me, she sent me the darling red poppy hairband.  How awesome is that?!?!

    Thanks Tracy, I hope you're enjoying your B.Cheniful hairband, too!  :-)

    Big (Paper Wings) Smile,

    Sunday, July 17, 2011

    White. Trash. Bash. The 2nd Annual.

    Check out WTB The Series here!
    Check out The 1st Annual WTB here!
    Check out The 3rd Annual WTB here!
    Hi Friends :-)

    Click to enlarge
    Well, with WTB 2011 happening in 6 days, I guess it's time to post on WTB 2010, eh?  I thought so too--we're so insync!!  Catch up here and here if you have no idea what WTB is.

    As I've mentioned before, WTB 2010 was done in conjunction with J's 30th birthday, so a lot of planning went on!  Not only did it need to be "bigger, badder, and trashier," than 2009,  it also had to be milestone memorable for J Chen.

    So I decided to jump out of a cake.

    Not a real cake--I mean, I have SKILLS, but not those kind.  This cake was made out of a trash can.  A big rolling trash can.  It took me about 2 weeks to complete, only being able to work on it when J was at work, a couple times a week.  In my neighbors garage.  In 90 degree weather.  The things we do for trashy love.

    I didn't take pictures of the process--what was I thinking!?!?!--but I can give an ingredient list in cause any of you crazy bs wanna try it out, too! :-)

    Ingredient List
    The biggest rolling trashcan you can find.  Seriously--cause you have to fit in it.
    A bagillion white trash bags
    4 bags or so of quilt stuffing
    9,000 rolls of duct tape
    1 roll of masking tape
    Crepe Paper Streamers (optional)
    Happy Birthday Banner (options)
    Duct tape "30" with balloons (totally optional)

    How-To Cliff Notes:
    *only 3/4 of the "cake" has the round layers.  The back is flat because I was pushed down the street in it!
    Remove lid and flip upside down.
    Using duct tape and trash bags, secure a base, and starting building up.
    For the "layers," add some stuffing around where the first (largest) layer will be, then tape to secure.  Then add another layer of stuffing over the one you just did and add ANOTHER trash bag to secure.  Keep DOING THIS FOREVER.
    Seriously, KEEP GOING!
    After you spend 4 hours doing that to all the layers, decorate.

    That's all I can really tell you.  It was a bitch, that's for sure.  BUT IT WAS SOOOOO WORTH IT!!!!
    getting in....

    I'm not gonna suffocate, right guys?

    Ok, I'm ready.......

    Rolling back to the party...

    J Chen still doesn't get it....

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
    Ok, back to the party prep!!!  

    In order to class up our place even more than the past year, I decided we needed a "sign" for the roof.  Ya know, incase people weren't sure where they were.....This took LOT of drinking cheapass beer by J Chen to make happen (cause you can't make a sign out of nice beer cans like Corona or something).  When that wasn't enough, I went trolling the neighborhood, like some kid trying to go to band camp.  

    The result--3 4' x 4' signs made entirely out of beer cans and duct tape.  

    All that hard drinking work paid off!
    Check out the roof behind this hot mess....
    NEXT!  Here a couple more cool things that I added in 2010:
    Fannies.  I couldn't find them anywhere, so my friend sketched one out and I painted her.

    Every Birfday Boy needs a banner!!!

    You can never have to many blowup pools!

    Mailbox art.

    A legit sign that I permanently borrowed. 

    Our version of a photobooth!  Photo look familiar?  
    And here is a peak at some AWESOME ensembles!
    DAMN you sexy!

    hot mess.

    dang girl!

    Not so much a costume for this guy!

    Lookin good, Lookin GOOD.

    You mess with me, you mess with the WHOLE trailerpark!  

    A group of goodness.

    the "Busch Light Bikini"

    Are you my baby daddy?!?!

    Rockin out with the Band.

    And that, boys and girls, is a FUPA. 

    Keep it Trashy!

    My first costume of the night....

    I can't WAIT for Saturday!!!!!!!

    We have the best friends EVER!!!

    Big (hopelessly trashy) Smile,