Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fabric Flowers--How To

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It occurred to me, while checking out my friend Lila's awesome blog, that I never actually showed you how to make the the fabric flowers.  I showed you how to make the hairbands here.....

So, I'd like to show you now.  Ok?

Supplies needed:
2 inch fabric strips--depending on the look you want, either tear them or cut them.
hot glue--my best friend

Step 1:  ok, so this would be your fabric strip.

Step 2:  Tie a knot at the of the strip, making the "bud".
Step 3:  Start twisting and wrapping your fabric, gluing as you go along.  

Step 4:  When you reach the end, glue the fabric behind the flower.
Step 5:  Well, there's really not're done!!!  So make a few more and work on a hairband, clippy, or in the case of my super creative friend Lila, wall art!


Blaise said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for posting! This tutorial was very easy to follow! You're the breast!

Brandi Chen said... Best Blogger Tips

thanks b-laiser, my little up and coming crafter! ;)

Lolo1962 said... Best Blogger Tips

My granddaughters and I are going to try your amazing craft when we get together on one of my visits....thanks for posting...:)

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