Monday, April 16, 2012

There's a Fortune Cookie in my Oven!

I told you I was cooking up something good! :)

So yeah, baby makes 5!  Cause clearly we're counting Bacon and Cheesecake Chen in there, too!  Our first babies :)

We found out on February 20th and I've been dying to spill the beans ever since!  But, as they say, it's best to wait a bit.  We told our 3 sets of parents first, and all on the same day so no one would feel left out--it's the first Grandbaby for everyone.  Which meant we had to call them, not face to face.  With the exception of Rexer (my dad) and Lynda (my stepmom) because we already had plans to see them that weekend.  Mama Chen shrieked and thanked us--so presh!  My mom and sister shared equal yelling.  And once Rexer and Lynda put this together:
pretty self-explanatory, yes?
They each had their own adorable reactions....Rexer cried, just a little :).  Lynda gushed, and said, "you know, I just had a feeling...."

We made our official Facebook announcement last week after our first ultrasound.  The baby measured exactly 11 weeks (which is was!) and had a heartbeat of 170.  Girl?

Because we (fine, I) couldn't just write a status update what was like, oh hey, Baby Chen on the way.....I called in my girl Lila (from Lila Armock Photography) and we did a quick Mini Session.  But because we weren't that far along, we needed a prop so that it would be obvious.  Not like, "oh, look at that, they took MORE photos of themselves!"  So, I went with the chalkboard....And here are the causalities that followed...

An attempt at using actual chalk on the chalkboard....HOT MESS.
 1st attempt at using vinyl.....getting warmer, but no dice yet....
And there you have it, an announcement chalkboard was born!

YAY FOR BABY CHEN!  I can't wait!  Plus, think of all the cool--not just for babies!--DIY projects I'll have you show you.  Holla! :)


Saturday, April 7, 2012

How To: Make a 5 Ingredient Lemonberry Trifle

Happy Easter Eve, Friends!

I know I've been away for a bit again, but I PROMISE I have some things in the mix for ya, coming SOON!  For now, I'd thought I'd show you this KILLER trifle I whipped up today.  In a word: DELICIOUS!

My family does a brunch for Easter, all the way out in Beal City, Michigan.  (farm town, USA.)  My Mother, for the second year in a row, has asked me to bring "something sweet."  Ok then.  This is actually more tart than sweet, but as we all know, I do what I want.  And it's gonna be BOSS. Boss I tell you!

Now, I'm sure that this recipe probably exists someplace out in the Pinterest world, but for all intents and purposes, this is a B.Cheniful Original, and I came up with it myself.  So here we go!

Ingredient list:
1 Angel Food Cake (store bought, yes please!)
2 Cans of Lemon Pie Filling (or one Large)
1 Pint Fresh Strawberries
1 Lemon
2 Containers of Cool Whip (or one Large)

Steps 1-3

Step 1:  Cut your strawberries up nice and cute! Or, I guess technically, lengthwise.
Step 2:  Cube your angel food cake.
Step 3:  Mix both cans of pie filling with 1 container of cool whip. Zest lemon into filling, then squeeze lemon juice into mix as well.  Fold.

Steps 4-6

Step 4:  Gather up your goodies and get ready to rock this trifle!
Step 5:  Add a layer of angel food to the bottom, then place strawberries around the sides. Add a layer of lemon filling.
Step 6:  Add a later of strawberries atop your filling, rinse and repeat!

Step 7:  Add a layer of cool whip to the top of your trifle.  You're done girl, now rock it!

Have a super Happy Easter!

Big (Mmmmm, lemonberry trifle!) Smile,