Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What's in the Works!

Well, hey, girl, hey!

So, I was having lunch with my Rexer yesterday (read: Dad) and he said to me, "You're very behind on your blog." Yep. I sure am. Yooouuuu betcha! But isn't it so effing cute that he actually reads it? Cause I'm pretty sure that besides J Chen, my Rexer is the only one in the fam that digs into B.Cheniful on a regular basis. Well, as regular as my irregular posting allows...

Chenyways, as parents usually are, he was right. I am guilty as charged. I've been napping a lot after work during what was normally my creation time. Baby Chen has me straight tuckered out! But whatevs, you're all busy and tired too, dammit. The least I can do is dedicate a few minutes to the blog!

Alright, well, I don't actually have anything to show you tonight, BUT, I will be showing you what's in the works....

These guys. We bought a new buffet, table and chairs from Ikea in february. As amazing as Ikea is at transforming your rooms with notalotta dollas, it's still, well, cheap. Case in point, the chairs. The little feet thingys were plastic and scratching up the wood floor. So I ordered these rubber footies. But they didn't get here soon enough and J bought other ones. So, I have $20 worth of rubber feet to turn into something super awesome. Consider it done. At some point....

Next, I bought like 6 or 8 of these packs of wood shims. I plan to paint them an awesome shade of something and turn them into a, GASP, wreath.

I got these little morsels the other day and they're just waiting to be created into something special. I'm *thinking* about making a couple of them into buttons to place on a super cute sweatshirt-esque blazer I got over the weekend. You know, cause it was missing a button and "there was nothing they could do for me". And that's what happens when you shop at DOTS. On purpose...

Lastly.....And the biggest project BY FAR, will be turning "The Hershey Kiss Room," AKA "The Shoe  Room" into "The Nursery for one Baby Chen". 
Soooooooooo much to do! Soooo many ideas! I have a feeling this will be a mulitple-post extravaganza. For sure, girl!

So there you have it! Stuff I promise to work on and actually write about.  It's going to happen.....it's going to happen....it's GOING TO HAPPEN, dammit!

Big (Big Plans, Girl!) Smile,


Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm a little guilty of abandoning my blog lately, too! So I'm just catching up reading everyone else's. CONGRATS on your Baby Bundle To Be!!!

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