Sunday, May 13, 2012

How To: Make Wood Shim Decor

See? I told you I would be back! And in less than a week, at that! Feeling pretty good about it--I didn't lie to you!

So last week one of the projects I said I would be working on was a wood shim wreath.  Well, I made it. And now I'm thinking that I like it better as decor, rather than a wreath. Even though I'm using it as a wreath.....It's totally inspired me for my other huge undertaking, The Baby.Cheniful Nursery. I'm thinking I'm going to do them in lots of colors and sizes for the wall behind the crib. But I won't start that project until after June 4th, Gender Day!

Chenyways, here's how you make a Wood Shim Whatev (wreath or wall decor, or table centerpiece, etc).

Ingredient List:
1 pack of wood shims (14 total)
Spray Paint of your Choice--I'm favoring orange these days
Hot glue and gun

Step One:
Set up your design. I used the paint can as the base to work around. Row 1: 7 shims. Row 2: 7 shims, staggard. This left my design at 17.5" in diameter. If you're looking for something bigger, use a larger base and buy more shims!

Step Two: Get to sprayin, girl! You'll need a couple coats.
Step Three:  Form your design around the base again, hot gluing the ends together.
Step Four:  Flip and Glue.
Step Five:  Glue your top layer, then flip and glue again.  
Step Six:  ROCK IT GIRL!

That's it! Now go make something awesome!
Big (Oooh, this would make a good mirror base, too!) Smile,


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