Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We're having a.....

So here's something that happened, once upon a time in 2005....I met this sweet asian boy at a college bar during my *1st* senior year, befriend him, fell in love with him, married him, and am now in the process of having his sweet baby.  Sometimes I wonder how I got this lucky.....After all the bad decisions and selfishness of my youth (ok, even the last few years), I have somehow managed to come out on top of it all, and my life is pretty damn awesome.  And about to get even awesome-er.  Cause I married a sweet boy that couldn't sleep Monday night because he's so excited to be a daddy.  I married a man that writes this on his Facebook page:
I am extremely lucky. And we are having a girl. A dream come true for the both of us. Well before I was a Mrs., we talked about kids and liking the idea of having a baby girl first; again, I can't believe my luck.  I'm having a hard time not waiting for something to go wrong; hopefully nothing does, and I can allow myself to just relax and be happy.  Cause this, is the coolest shit, ever.  

Big (Bacon and Cheesecake are getting a SISTER!) Smile,


Evelene S said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations! She is one lucky baby!

Ronnie said... Best Blogger Tips

Yay! Congrats :)

nana_ang_poppaphil said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations, your post is so filled with love and happiness..

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