Monday, March 21, 2011

How-To: Fabric Hoop Wall Art

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Hi Friends!  It's been a little bit since I've posted--lots going on before we leave for Shena's cruise next week :)

What I have been working on, little by little, are makeovers for a couple of rooms in my house.  One being the Hi-C Room (our main guest room) and my master bath (which I don't share with J, I might add).  Now, this is not a post about those rooms--that will come later-- BUT, I did use a bunch of Fabric Hoop Wall Art to decorate the Hi-C Room. These are super easy, but make a BIG impact, and are very up and coming :)

Here we go!
Skill Level:  Um, you really just need to know how to use a pair of scissors--and not very well, either.

Wooden Embroidery Hoops

  • Get lots of sizes for a bigger impact (depending on your space)
    • 2 extra large, 3 large, 4 medium, 3 mini is a suggestion
  • Hobbit Lobbit has the best prices I've seen, but I've also gotten a few at thrift stores too.

Fabric (3 fabric designs are perfect)
  • 1/2 yard of your main focus fabric
  • 1/4 yard of your 2 secondary fabrics
Step 1:  Select your fabric.  As I stated above, you'll want one focus fabric, and 2 others to compliment it.  How you choose the focus fabric is totally up to you.  I usually pick my favorite fabric that includes as many colors as you plan to accessorize around.
My 3 fabrics.  My focus fabric is the one on top.
Step 2:  Get you iron on!  Iron out all the kinks in the fabric.  You don't have to go all 5 star housekeeper on it--you'll be stretching it out over the hoop.
work it it out now....
Step 3:  Cut it out!  Lay your first hoop over your fabric to measure.  Making sure you have enough room to stretch your fabric over the hoop, cut a fabric square.

Step 4:  Stretch and tighten. Separate your hoop as shown above and place your fabric over the full circle hoop (without the twister on top).  Now place the twister top hoop over the fabric and tighten screw-thingy, pulling the sides taunt.   

Step 5:  Trim it!  Making sure the fabric is tight on the hoop, turn it over and trim off excess fabric.

Step 6:  Hang time!  Arrange your hoops in any which way you please.  Here is an example of what I've done with mine (using different fabrics).
what up, pretty?!?!

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Blaise said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it, love it, love it! Simple, easy and affordable!

prettypinkflowers said... Best Blogger Tips

looooove it. you are genius.

©LifeShots Photography said... Best Blogger Tips

this is crazy cool for 2 reasons. 1- it's such a stinkin' affordable way to add punch to your rooms!, and 2- i thought that i 'came up with this' idea last month at my house but of course didn't say anything about it online. oh- i came up with #3- how exciting to know that someone else out there in craft-world shares my same sense of 'hmmm....that could BE SOMETHING!; !!

Looks great!! (i painted mine, separated them and used scrapbook paper on some. you could also print out black & white or sepia photos on fabric and make a 'photo wall')

Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

Simply FABULOUS!!!!!!! Thanks for the great idea!!!!!

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