Monday, March 7, 2011

The top 5 places (at home) you're not looking for fabric!

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Have you ever found yourself at home, overcome with craft-adrenaline, needing to create something?!?  Um, me too.  A lot.  Oh, and that craft-adrenaline, while maybe off the wall to you, is a constant reality to me.  Creating = CrazyAdrenaline.  I am who I am.

Ok, back to the point of the blog.....So, you're at home and all you want in the world to do is to create a fabric flower hairband.  That's it.  Not too much to ask, right?  Timeout, you have no fabric.  Or, what you do is just not enough to scrape by and there's no way that you're driving all the way to the Hobbit Lobbit (read Hobby Lobby) for a yard of fabric.  Is this story getting ridiculous?  I'm thinking so.  I never claimed to be an author, children's or otherwise.

So again, back to the point of the blog!  Where do you find fabric when you have no "fabric", and you won't take NO CREATING TODAY for an answer (man, I love caps).

Try a couple of these ideaers:

  1. Your kitchen/dining area drawers.  Look for old linen napkins--ugly or not!  Sometimes the uh-gly ones turn out super cute.
  2. Your closet.  Listen, you know you haven't worn that 90s belly shirt since my 90's themed birthday party (or the 90s).  It's time to let go.
  3. That bag of stuff that never quite made it to Goodwill.  If you're like me, you're always adding to a bag of nuh-ahs, that pretty much just sits and collects and collects.  Pull out old socks (really--think arm warmers!), that purple silk shirt that you had to wear in 9th grade for BPA Parli Pro (ugh, kill me in the face), workout pants/tops (the stretch is magical!), or an old turtleneck (more stretchy goodness).
  4. Your linen closet.  Look for old shower curtains, pillow cases, hell, even sheets!  Listen, you don't even have that size bed anymore--give it up!
  5. The attic/hope chest/basements.  Ok, chances are you have a box (or 20) of clothes, gramma's handkerchiefs, grandpa's flannel, even a quilt that's seen better days.  I love the idea of keeping keepsakes (ha.), but I also LOVE the idea of up-cycling to actually USE said keepsakes.  
So, there's the top 5 places to look on days that you're staying in, refusing to make a fabric run, and creating all day.  

I wanted to show you a fabric flower hairband that I made the other day with an old (uh-gly) napkin.

Ok--yes, I'm having WAY TOO MUCH FUN with my iPhone apps.....

Get inspired and start digging (around the house that is).  Good luck treasure hunters!  

PS, comments are VERY much appreciated!  I want to know if this blogs suck ya know ;)  AND, I'll likely do a giveaway (SHOCKER) to the AWESOME person who leaves the most overall comments (not just this entry, sills!).

Big Smile!
B. Chen


Sarah @ Sarah's Deals said... Best Blogger Tips

So, I either need to start crafting again (thanks to your inspiration) OR I need to just buy some of your stuff to save time.....
Can we work out a materials/product trade? (only kinda joking) I have a bag of said clothes that never made it to Goodwill ;)

Brandi Chen said... Best Blogger Tips

of course! Let me know what you're thinking ;)

Shena said... Best Blogger Tips

Ugh, I was JUST thinking about that terrible purple silk shirt. Do you know that I hated that thing so much that I pretended I burnt a hole in it with an iron so I didn't have to wear it? And then they were like, no problem, we have an extra. No joke.

Blaise said... Best Blogger Tips

Brandi, are you using the iphone "Instagram" app??

Brandi said... Best Blogger Tips

Um no, what is that?!?!

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Haha, I've been becoming quite good at this as well! Stretches the creativity to think of different ways things can be useful and made beautiful again!

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