Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How To--Fold & Twist Fabric Flowers.

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Whoa, ok.  Welcome to the worlds most comprehensive tutorial.

You've been warned.  Now let me tell you about this awesome Fold & Twist Fabric Flower (that would be a B.Cheniful name).  These flowers are different from the regular fabric flowers that I've gone over for the past couple weeks. There, you pretty much just twist/glue/twist/glue.  Here, you'll fold/twist/fold/twist--hence the super smart name :)

Now, I made this How-To so seemingly pretentious because had a hard time doing it the first time through. I mean, fold/twist/fold/twist, seems pretty easy, right?  Well it wasn't.  At least not for me, anyway.

So, here's what's doin with the Fold & Twist Fabric Flower.

Supplies needed:
  • Fabric
  • Large Felt Circle
  • Glue Gun--hey baby!
  • Iron
  • Bobby Pin/Alligator Clip/Pin--It's up to you!
  • Sewing machine (optional)
Step 1:  Pick your fabric.  I'm all about ball parking here, so I'd say you need a 2-3" wide piece of fabric, about 25" long.  Decrease the length if you want a smaller flower.
My fabric choice--new today!  tx hobbit lobbit.

and this would be your ballparked fabric strip.
MUST DO Step 2:  fold your strip in half and iron.  This helps with "fold" of the Twist & Fold. 
OPTIONAL Step 2:  After you iron, use your sewing machine to stitch up the edges.  I did this because:  A:  I wanted use my new baby sewing machine--it's seriously so small, it's the easy bake oven of all sewing machines.  and B:  I thought it looked cool. Like totally organic ;)

yeah, what up now hardcore crafters!
Step 3:  Grab your felt circle.  Make a knot at the end of your strip to make the bud, then glue down to the center of the felt circle.
small hot glue dot--press bud into it.

Step 4:  Ok, now we really begin.  Lift up your fabric (just as a guide):
and we're lifting....
Step 4 Continued:  Now fold that strip down to the right:
your first fold, right here :)
Step 4 Continued...Again:  Now, take your fabric and fold down from the top point the top of the candy corn if you will..and I think you will. That's the twist & fold.
second fold!
Step 5:  Keep going!!!  fold/twist/fold/twist, gluing down on your felt as you go.  I find it easier for me if I do all this with the felt piece on my leg (as opposed to holding it up, or setting it on the table).  
Here are a bunch of photos to keep you going:
third fold baby!
keeping it going....tuck your new folds as you go under the folds above it to help it  build up.
almost there!
dang girl!
Glue that sucker down!  
Oh, hey pretty.  
Step 6:  Make it official!  You need to finish this baby up.  I used a large bobby to do the trick--it's not pretty....but it's what I prefer for me.  You can use whatever you'd like.

 Step 7:  Rock it!

Rock it you say?  Done.

And that's the end.  Finally.  :)  

As always, comments are welcome and encouraged!  Unless you're a meanie-face that is.

Big Smile!

Oh, and good night.  To me.


Blaise said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it! I needed help with this one! My mom tried to set-up my sewing machine today and it was a giant FAIL. Not sure if it was a good Craig's List buy :o(

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