Monday, May 2, 2011

Pimp my Cubicle!

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Did you know that the average american spends over 22% percent of their lifetime at work?  True story.  I read it on the internet and everything.  That's a LONG TIME to spend in some ugly-ass grey box they like like call a cubicle.  Or in my building, your "office."  PLEASE.

I've been meaning--for the past 4 years--to fix up my cube.  I mean, here I am, blogging away, creating away and not one real B.Cheniful item has managed to make it's way into Building 985.  And then one day, that all changed.

It took me FOREVER, but I found 3 fabric patterns that I wanted to use in my cube.  I decided that I would add fabric circles, a yarn wreath, and a tiny pillow to my even tinier space.

yarn wreath pretty.
making that cube grey really pop!
desk "return" area.
my bitty pillow.
Lastly, I've been working on a fabric scrap clipboard (find the tutorial, here).  It's a tad matchy-matchy, but I love it!
my matchy-match clipboard.

I found a place for it!
While this won't make up for the 22% of your life you're stuck here, it sure does make it a little more enjoyable!  

Big (fabric) Smile,


JACQUELYN said... Best Blogger Tips

Adorable!!! Those cubicles are so boring - way to spice it up! Love it!

prettypinkflowers said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE!! If I ever get a cube, I'm hiring you! :)

Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma said... Best Blogger Tips

You are too creative of a soul to slave away in a cube! May your blog soar to great heights and quit your day job...

Brandi Chen said... Best Blogger Tips

Nicolette, I saw this post when I woke up and it MADE MY DAY! Thank you so much for the encouragement :)

PS, I linked up!

cheryl said... Best Blogger Tips

loving these ideas! makes me want to get crafty! just checked out your other blog - yum!

Manda said... Best Blogger Tips

very cute.. we can't have push pins anymore. So we hang things by paper clips in the cracks and tape. I like how colorful it is.. we do spend way too much time at work that's for sure!

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