Sunday, June 5, 2011

a feature--yay yay yay!!! wait, make that 3!

Please vote for B.Cheniful to win Best in Show @  Lamb Around until June 10th.

So I'm pretty new in the blog world.  I've been crafty my entire life--no really, wanna hear a craft story featuring a phone cord belt as a chubby 6th grader?  Another time.  What I'm getting to here is, ok, I'm a new blogger.  I don't really understand everything yet.  I'm slowly increasing my followers and FB fans--THANK YOU--and joining link parties.  Link parties, BTDUB, are awesome!!  Bloggers from all over visit a party and share links to their creations--inspiring the nation!  :)

The thing I noticed right away from jumping from blog to blog was that almost everyone had a "I've been featured!" page.  Many of the blogs had multiple features!  Enter jealousy.  I want to be featured, too!  I'm super creative, dammit :)  How can I get featured, too?  I want a feature page of my very own.  Cry baby!!!!!

So I enter link parties.  I leave lots of love on blog pages.  I "like" my ass off on Facebook.  I give shout outs.  I'm learning here.

And then one day I go to link up again at a vision to remember, and shut your face, I'm FEATURED!!!!  Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!  Squeal!  Shriek!  YAY!!!!!!  My very FIRST feature for my placemat to rug creation.  I can't BELIVE SOMEONE PICKED ME!!!!!  But they did!  :)  Floating floating, floating on air :)

THEN, yesterday I get a comment from LambAround on my Up-Cycled Heels Post.  She's nominated ME for Best in Show.  ME!!!!  YAY!!!!  This is so amazing! :)  In order to actually get the title of Best in Show, you have to VOTE FOR B.CHENIFUL.  It's super easy!  Click here,  and on the right side of her blog you'll see a voting area.  If you would be so super kind, please check B.Cheniful to keep me in the running for Best in Show.  :)

OMG, so in the middle of writing this my adult adhd kicken in I clicked over to Social Salutations and noticed that SHUT UP, I was featured again for my Up-Cycled Heels Post.  This is SO CRAZY!  I'm beyond honored and SO EXCITED!!!!!  :)  Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!  BIG THANK YOU to Jennifer at Social Salutations!  HUGE thank you that is.  :)

Wow, I'm not even sure how to end this post anymore.....I'm just so freaking excited!  I can't concentrate--I just want to go up-cycle more heels!

THANK YOU--as always--for stopping by. It means the world to me.  :)

Big (THRILLED) Smile,


LambAround said... Best Blogger Tips

You're so excited that it made me smile! My fingers are crossed for you and your fancy shoes :)

Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats on all your features! I think you're great and your post make me giggle! :)

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