Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One Trick Pony?

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Am I?  A one trick pony?  That doesn't sound like me....does it?

I mean, I'm NOT, but right now I feel like one.  Because I'm focusing on Craft Show inventory right now, especially wreaths--cause they take for-freaking-ever--I feel like I'm totally neglecting my blog.  AND, only showing wreaths on my Facebook Page.  (Are you a fan yet?  You totally should be!  :) ) Oh, and because I clearly have some form of ADD, I can't concentrate on any one thing for too long.  So my inventory?  Sketchy.  Even though I've been staying up to all hours of the night....seriously, last Friday night?  Up to 4:45AM!  AM people!

Eventually I'll show the other cool shit I have going on, like:
iPad cases
infinity scarves
pin cushions
little gal aprons 
holiday cards
coffee cup cozies
bird nest necklaces

see?  Totally ADD.  Oh, and they're all in prototype phase.  Ha.

The truth of the matter is, the only thing I have to show you right now are (some) of my wreaths.  So you wanna see?  Totally not exciting, I know....sorry!  BUT, I'm still love them (and it's my blog ;-) ), so, there.

Ah, Christmas.  Right around the damn corner.  Check out the little weave action on this bad boy!
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I used a baby yarn on this--you could literally curl up with this wreath for a winter nappy-nap.
Here are two custom orders from my girl Kacy.  I LOVE when I get TOTAL creative license :-)  THANKS GIRL!

Not your Gramma's Christmas Wreath!  This, my friends, is a damn Winter Wonderland Wreath.  Sure to get you to Valentine's ;-)  (hint, hint Kacy.)
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A less crackhead version of THIS GIRL HERE.

Dontcha just LOVE glitter?  
Once Kacy saw this wreath in real-life--sold to the fabulous MSU-Loving-I-Bleed-GREEN Kristin--she needed a fall wreath, too!  Keep up the competition girls! Pin It

Girl, you know I love me some burlap!

that's a little embroidery hoop and a ruffled burlap flower.
And now, back to work!  

Big (oh my GOD, I hope I sell something!) Smile,


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