Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon! Handmade Bacon Costume!

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They love their Daddy!
If you've been reading this blog even a little, you likely know about our puppies, Bacon and Cheesecake.  You know, these guys on the right.

So, this year I had planned on J and I being American Gladiators  for Halloween as a group costume with our friends, George and Blaise.  See, cause last year we went with a group costume of Dazed and Confused and it was AWESOME.  J Chen looked just like Slater!

George as Wooderson, Blaise and I as "Senior Girls"
and J as Slater.  Check ya later! 

However, this year, J decided that he didn't want a group costume, and that since we were throwing a Halloween Party, that we could be the literal versions of Bacon and Cheesecake!  Oh Geez.....Here we go!  Cause we all know what that really means....This girl right here would have to make them....

Here's how I made the Bacon costume:

Isn't he just the world's cutest Asian!  

First, start with your ingredient list that J Chen is so sweetly and totally willingly posing for.

  • 3 Yards of Maroon Felt--about 1 1/2 yards too many, but I messed up right away so I was glad I couldn't do the math.
  • 2 spools of ric-a-rac ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sewing Machine
  • Dinner Plate
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • 6 corona lights.

Place the felt over the body.  Just kidding, I totally did this to mess with him!  This step was NOT needed.  Love you Chener!
Really what you need to do first is to fold your felt length wise--cut the width to your specifications....So, this is like a 1 yard and a 1/2.
Sweet baby Bacon helping out!
Next, cut out a neck hole.  This wreath frame was WAY TO BIG, and well, is how I effed it up in the first place.  I would recommend using a dinner plate to measure the hole.

I guess I thought he was as big as shrek or something...
Your next step is to get to fittin!  I slipped the felt over J and then pinned away, making sleeves and such.
J says "this shit is going to be all over the internet, isn't it?!?"  Um, Duh.
Next I freehanded a bacon "sizzle" and then cut it out.  Then fold down the center and make an identical cut.
Fry like Bacon you Freshman Piggies!
Seriously, if you don't know Dazed and Confused, your life is missing something ah-mazing.
 Now pin along the sizzle and sew it up! When I turned mine right-side out I noticed the shape wasn't great....So I just ironed it and it held perfect!

Finally, add your rid-a-rac ribbon any which way you please!  I put mine on the arms and just down the front, leaving the back plan.  Deal.  :)
Now I just need to get J back in it for a follow up photo.  Stay tuned my darlings...  :)
The Chen Family!  J as Bacon, Me as a slice of Cheesecake,
Bacon as an Egg and Cheesecake as a hotdog :)

Bacon and Cheesecake in front of the Halloween Mantel :)

Big (BACON!) Smile,


Blaise said... Best Blogger Tips

So it's J Chen that didn't want to dress up like me! Argh!

B.Cheniful said... Best Blogger Tips


Girl, you're crazy! he didn't want to dress up like an american glad--he wanted to be BACON! Bacon Bacon Bacon :)

Crafty Little... said... Best Blogger Tips

Haha! You have a good husband there girl... cute costume.

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