Thursday, October 13, 2011

Onesie MANIA

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No, for real. It's MADNESS in the lower level of the Chen house.  Onesies everywhere.  J Chen LOVES craft show season!  :)

So yeah, took a break from all that wreath creating and moved on to baby onesies.  I started doing them this summer for Leah's little guy.  That was before my Sily had arrived so I did them all the freezer paper way.  But now I'm rockin the iron on transfer vinyl, and well, the world is mine.  And I'm free to make as many whitty/off-color/darling ensembles as I choose.  :)  Mommies beware.  

So, it's clear for the most part that girly onesies really corner the market.  I mean, it's all about the cupcake, (which I freaking LOVE, don't get me wrong girl!) the tutus, the cupcake tutus, you get the point.  So I wanted to make sure that I had some boy choices, too.  Seems how I specialize in wreaths and hairbands, I'm not exactly dude-friendly.  Little or otherwise.  So I took to my Facebook page and asked Moms of little boys what they want to see.  I got some suggestions of "rocker baby" gear as well as a request for more "Michigangster" goodness.  Being the pleaser I am, I took to it right away!  So, without further incoherent ramblings ado, here they are!

Let's hear it for the boys!

This reminds me soooo much of my Dad, Rexer!  There's this picture of him from the
late 70s where he has this long silky brown hair and this Mr. Pringles mustache.  Needless
to say, this little guy means a lot to me :)

Life is too short to listen to bad music.  amiright?

Baby, you are THE rock star!

Hello Mister Mans....

Look familiar?  Michigangster in Red.

This is the classy version ;-)
Alright, now let's give it up for the little LADIES!
All the flowers are detachable--you know, in case Mom wants to wear it!  Or, and because babies make gross messes and you're gonna have to wash this, like, 8 times a day!

Single strand with a delicate flower pin 

I really feel like this one is a timeless beauty.  Color Combo?  Stupid awesome.

This one I actually did with freezer paper.  The metallic gold is really awesome
in real life....however this photo, it's kinda eh.  

Just cause she's a girl doesn't mean she can't be a little
Gangsta too!  Hot pink for the little ladies :)

About the off-color comment?  I'm sure they'll be hitting a blog post near you soon.  :)

Stay awesome my Friends!!!!

Big (Rock that Onesie Babe!) Smile,


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