Friday, April 22, 2011

Tutorial Roundup--Think Spring!

Just because it was SNOWING here on Monday doesn't mean that I'm not running around in open-toed wedges and sunglasses, dammit.  I'm beyond ready for spring, and so is my house.  I've been driving myself crazy lately trying new things and thinking of new ideas on how to brighten up our rooms.....I'm still a little stuck on my sitting room, but I do have some ideas to punch up the color....

This one in particular from Makes and Takes in bright yellow.  Very similar to my last post, just with yarn.

Here are some others that I'd like to try....

Hanging yarn balls from Juicy Bits:

The cutest Cocktail Lamp EVER from Craft Tutorials:

Or if you don't want the lamp, how bout this cocktail wreath instead from Family Chic?

I don't know about you, but the brights are inspiring me to get busy!!!!

Big Smile,
B. Chen


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