Saturday, August 13, 2011

Baby Shower Prizes

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Leah's MIL and I decided that baby shower games are silly.  No offense to those to love them, they just aren't for us.  So we decided that they weren't for Leah, either.  ;-)  BUT, to make up for the games, we still gave away prizes--just for being awesome.  :-)  Or because Leah pulled your thank you card envelop from a basket. Whatev--you won, didn't you!?!

Here are some things I whipped up for our lucky guests!
felt flower clippy thing.  It reminds me of fall....
another felt flower of sorts.  

1 earthified wreath (matches the theme, you see?)
Do you know how to make this felt flower?  It's WAY easy!  Check out the how-to over at Mrs. Priss!
6 sets of flower push pins

Straight up, I glued these hobby lobby flower things (seen here once upon a time) to push pins.  Done.
4 sets of coasters and 2 sets of magnets
The magnets?  Another easy guy--here's a tutorial from Creations by Kara.  Now, I only used Mod Podge as my adhesive--cause I take the easy way, friends--she uses super glue and whatnot.  Up to you!

Here's a pretty ugly tutorial for the coasters.  I don't know what I was thinking when I took these photos--they're worse than usual!
see what I mean?  Ew.
About the coasters.  I bought some super ugly coasters a Michael's for like negative $1.  Figuring they could be a perfect shower gift, I decided to B.Chenify them.
  1. Scrapbook paper.  Whatever you like.  You could even use a note to your bestie you wrote in 8th grade--Use whatever you like!  Then trace the coaster on the back side of said whatever paper.  Cut out your shape.  
  2. I'm missing the step before this picture....Spread Mod Podge on the face of the coaster, then apply the paper over the mod podge--print side up.  Finally, following the photo above, spread mod podge on the top of your coaster.
  3. Walk away and let it dry.
  4. My coasters were pretty tacky-feeling even after a few WEEKS of drying, so I took to Facebook and listened to the advice of the Mod Podge Goddess, Amy, of Mod Podge Rocks!  Answer?  Clear acrylic sealer!  Done and Done.

anyone had problems with mod podge being sticky even after days of drying? I have this issue when I use it with paper.....
July 9 at 4:18pm ·  · 

    • Mod Podge Rocks! Hey B.! It depends on the climate you are in - but yes, this is a common problem. The solution is to spray on a clear acrylic sealer in your choice of finish. The great side benefit is that it makes the project extra durable! :D
      July 9 at 4:27pm · 

    • B.Cheniful Awesome! Thanks so much for the tip!
      July 10 at 8:09pm · 

That trick totally helped!  I after they dried--again--for a few days, I was able to stack them without all coaster sticking to each other!  

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So there you have it--the gifts that keep on giving.  Or something like that....

Big (Games are dumb but gifts are cool) Smile,


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes baby shower games Are lame! Looooove the gifts you made! You are so crafty!!

Kristie Loves Sophia! said... Best Blogger Tips

So cute!

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