Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Owl Themed Baby Shower. Putting it all together!

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Well hey, girl, hey!  Heeyyyyyy!

So. I'm hoping you've seen the bunches of post I've done leading up to this one, showing you parts and pieces of this shower.  No worries if you haven't, we'll go over them again.  Luckies!

So let's talk Owl Themed Baby Showers.  They're hip.  The big thing these days. We picked this for Leah because it's a gender neutral theme and she and I had picked out some fabric for the nursery with owls.  So, there you have it, a theme was born.

The first thing I was all over was the tabelscape to be used for desserts.  No really, like I was emailing the Moms the very first day telling them all about my ideas.  I'm assuming it got pretty annoying, but I'm a passionate gal, ok?  Ok.

I started by gathering plates to make dessert tiers.
I found these on a business trip to Wegman's in upstate NY.

Just stack and super glue.  DONE.
Then I made some yarn balls and apple sticks for vases.  The yarn balls are only little sytro balls wrapped in yarn and then stuck on a skewer stick.  Easy but seriously cute! This is how I made the apples--pretty much the same thing!

Dollar Tree Apples.  Skewer Sticks.  Stick and place!

And then of course I had to mock it up:
I used skinny bamboo sticks for the background--from the $ Tree as well!
Ah yes, and now for real life.  Here it is!
Check out how well the bakery did at matching the cake to the invite!  AMAZING.

Seriously, dead on.

Leah's MIL Jean made the invites (she's a cricut nut) and owl picks.

Note to self--straight on shots in this dress?  BAD IDEA!  
Here another look at the Mini Diaper Cakes Centerpieces too!  

how cute is that little stamp!  That's all Jean, Leah's MIL!

Finally, a few repeats from my other posts:

Couture travel wipes clutch.  Tutorial here.
 Custom onesies using the Sily and Freezer Paper.  Tutorial here.

 Baby Shower Door Prizes.  Lots of tutorials here.
 Sweet little infant hats using a knitting loom.  Tutorial here.
 The handmade baby banner!  Tutorial here.

And the sweet Mama herself, Leah! 
Can't wait till baby Wiggles arrives!  I hope you enjoyed your shower :-)

Big (Owl Themed) Smile,


Blaise said... Best Blogger Tips

And wiggles (Gabe) has arrived!! Congrats Leah and Tony!

Sarah @ Sarah's Deals said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG Girl! You are crazy talented!

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