Friday, August 19, 2011

Handmade Baby Shower Banner

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Oh hey.  Wanna see something so cute that I could about die?!?  You do?  Perfect! 

It's a B.Cheniful Original and everything!  (ok, when I say original, I only mean original to me, CLEARLY someone out there has done this.  But mine's cuter, okay!?!)

So this goes along with the Owl Theme Baby Shower (click here, here, and here for more awesomeness). 

I made (handmade, btdub) this "Welcome Baby Rau" banner for the shower.  Rau is their last name, not the baby's first name.  We don't know the name, cause it's a surprise!  Yo, I'm such a brat!  Sorry Leah!!!!  It's only because I want to be making gender specific things right. this. minute.

Chenyways, howsabouts I just show you this bad dad, huh?  Ok then.

So I used my Sily (silhouette machine) to make stencils that I traced onto the fabric.  I traced it on the back of the fabric so I wouldn't have to worry about any pen marks.  Unfortunately, someone forgot to reverse the fonts and had to start all over.  On the face of the fabric.  Ah yes, my impatience bites me in the ass once again! 

Then I cut all the letters out--FINALLY.

Next I hand-stitched the letter on to felt, stuffing them with that stuffing stuff.  you know what I'm talking about right?  batting?  Man, I have got to brush up on my craft terms--how will anyone take me seriously?!?!  :-)

So yeah, batting.  Stuffed it.  And I did that with every. letter.  
I added buttons to the a's/b's/o's etc.  Finally I laid out the words as I wanted and then glued a ribbon behind.  Nothing fancy.  A little hot glue, a few corona lights, it was all good.

Here's the final!

See, look at that!  Okay, so maybe I'm a little too excited about muppet letters and whatnot, but man, I put some LOVE into that banner.  You'd think I was birthing this child!  

I'm not.

Big (Tah Freaking Dah!) Smile,

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Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh yes and so totally jealous of your "Sily" it was fun to hear about you finally getting one and to see the projects that's coming out of it! I think I need to start saving up...

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