Friday, September 9, 2011

6 New Fall Wreaths!

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Girls, it's FRIDAY!!!!  OMG, yay.  YAY!  And it's perfect fall weather too boot :)

So yeah, let's talk about it.  Let's talk about some pretty fall wreaths I whipped up to take to Amanda McGrail Salon :)  I told you the other day about how she's giving me a space there ( FOR FREE!!!) and we decided to incorporate wreaths and some sunburst mirrors :)

So I made some wreaths--6 to be exact--and guess what?  Didn't use ANY yarn.  Nope, not even a little.  No yarn wreaths here.  Ok, I'm sure they'll be back......You know how much I love my yarn wreaths :)

What's you opinion on burlap?  Cause I flipping love it!  Like, hard.  Real hard.  (that's what she said!)  Chenyways, I had some scraps from a thrift store find and used all the red in the bag to make this one:
Welcome, Fall!
Then I ran out to the hobbit hobbit and picked up a couple yards of tan burlap and worked on these guys:
look at this cutie!  It's like a little 6inch donut that I want to gobble up!
What up FAT KID!?!

Added a little romantic flower to tone down the harsh burlap.

This baby got a lot of felt flower love!  
Did I mention that I love fall colors?!?

Now this one.  LOVE it.  It's simple.  Yet kinda rustic with a splash chic.

yeah....she's a pretty girl!
I did make a couple others as well.  This one I went with the traditional grapevine--not my usual style--but I like it!!!  Probably the closet to country you'll ever see this girl create ;-)
I don't know, it's a cute country wreath.  Please don't count
all the rosettes--I don't even want to know!
Now this last one I ended up keeping for myself.  Mostly cause I didn't know if anyone else would see the charm in it, or if they would think it was ugly unusual.  Let's be clear, I DO NOT create ugly.  I'm just saying...and maybe I'm over thinking it?  I think it looks great!
See, it's not ugly!  I used a damask fabric in orange and brown to wrap the wreath.
Then I added these 2 cuties--what's not to love?!?!
Alright, that's it for now my friends.  Hope I inspired you a little--if not, well, hey thanks for sticking around to read this last paragraph!  :)

Big (It's FALL!) Smile,


Morgan | Mrs. Priss said... Best Blogger Tips

Love them all! Amazazing.

Blaise said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the traditional country wreath with all of those little rosettes!! I know...I would like that one.

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