Friday, September 23, 2011

Custom Cushions--my first real sewing project.

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Warning--this is NOT a tutorial.  Please, I barely got through this myself!  It's very doubtful I could teach it....

So here's the thing about me--I'm not great at saying no.  Especially to friends.  Especially to friends that help me out all the time.  So when Amanda asked me if I could make some cushions for the salon's two pedicure chairs, I immediately said yes, sure, of course. Of course I can make custom cushions that require a real sewing machine, the basic knowhow to operate said real sewing machine, multiple trips to the fabric store, self confidence, and well, hours of my time doing something I know nothing about.  WAAHHHH!!!! 

But whatevs, Imma survivor, I'm not gon give up!

So, I went to the fabric store and searched for the prefect fabric to match her super awesome pedicure bowls:

Amanda picked my favorite fabric of the 4 (we're so in sync!), the bottom left one.

Now, here is where I MUST give the sweet lady at Field's Fabric a little shout out:  Sweet Lady, thank you for saving my ASS!  I took in the foam cushions and told her about my project.  She straight up took out a piece of paper and made cuts to show me how to work the corners.  Seriously, without her, I would have wrapped these Bs like a present!  I used that 3 inch diagram like my life was dependent on it the entire time.

Bacon loved the fabric too!  He's such a helper :)
The cushions needed to be 28x18 and 4 inches high.  The closest I could come was 22x22 at 4 inches high.  So meant cutting and pasting these guys:
picked up at hobbit lobbit
Next I just cut, placed and measured the best I could.  Again--NOT a tutorial!
Man, I love this fabric!
Well, my easy bake oven sewing machine broke in the middle of my nervous breakdown the project so I borrowed my friend Lila's.  All I can say is WOW, it's all about the machine!  Once I had a "good" machine, I literally flew through the last cushion (then went back and fixed the first one).  It just goes to show you that an extra $20 on a machine goes a LONG WAY.  I bought my own big girl Brother machine the other day and it's been such a great experience!

Without further ramblings ado, here are the new cushions!
the other one looks exactly the same--that's why you're only getting this one photo.
I guess that the other moral of the story would be that I'm glad that I took on the project--it always good to push yourself!  I'm no longer afraid to try sewing now--cause technically, I already did!  :)

Big (OMG, I did it!) Smile,


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