Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Busy makin things happen.

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Duh-ANG Girl, talk about blog neglect!  I'll tell you what, I've been crazy kid busy the past 2 weeks.  Not cause I'm getting my kid ready to go back to school--we're a good 5 years out from that--just crafty busy.  My friend Amanda who owns her own salon has been sweet enough to let me have a B.Cheniful space and sell my goods--soooo sweet of her!  Well good news for me, my first line I brought in sold really well and I've been working feverishly on a new fall line to replenish her.  Did I mention how awesome she is for letting me do this?  I mean, it's like an everyday craft show for me!  Too cool for school.  Fo Sho.

Here are some of the items from the fall line.  See the tutorial here to make your own!
This might be my favorite headband of the fall line!

Grey and yellow never get old!

I think the buttons really give these all just the right touch.

Doesn't this remind you of a fun fall carnival?  

So, yeah there's that.  I've also signed up for 4 craft shows this fall, so between Amanda's salon and trying to keep up stock for my upcoming shows, I've been one busy gal!  

Please don't give up on me, I'm still here!  I'm hoping to show you some more things before the week's up!  

Big (Fall Line) Smile,


Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Soo fun, congratulations and good luck with everything!
<3 Lisa @ sewgloried.blogspot.com

B.Cheniful said... Best Blogger Tips


Thanks Lisa!!!!! :)

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