Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Admire? Acquire!: Retro Shades Lapel!

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ok, so it's not a blatant knockoff.  No bigs!
Hey Gals!

I'm back for another Admire?Acquire! sesh!  This time taking on an increasing trend--the shades.  Or sunglasses.  Or eyeglass.  Or those cool things that go on your face--whatever you wanna call it!

Here's a look at what's doin around the inet:

Gotsa give credit where credit is due
So, seeing this fab trend, I made a take on this retro cutie a couple weeks a go and wanted to show you how to make your own, too!

Ingredient List:
Eyeglass necklace charm--Hobbit Lobbit, $4
Upcycled necklace chain
Safety Pin

Jump hooks

Well, it's super easy to make a lapel pin.  I mean really, all you have to do is add a pin to really anything.  To make this guy a little more interesting, I incorporated another big trend:  FRINGE.  It's back, baby!  

Step One:  Take your necklace chain and detach to even pieces of chain for your fringe.  Then, using your pliers and jump hooks, attach your fringe to the sides of your eyeglasses--because this was a necklace charm, the holes were already there.
Step Two:  It doesn't get any easier than this, sports 
fans.....Hot glue your safety pin to your eyeglasses.

Step Three:  Do I even have to say it?  Okay, I will:  ROCK IT GIRL!  Yep, cause that's what time it is!  

Are these creations getting too easy?  You just let me know....until then, continue to rock it in 3 steps or less :)
You see?  Rockin it.
See you soon!

Big (I heart black turtlenecks) Smile,


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