Friday, February 17, 2012

Oh, hi. I'm alive.

Oh hey girls!!!

Blaise and I last year at Karaoke.
I'm visiting my girl Blaise for the weekend in lovely Ferndale, MI.  Jealy! So, we're sitting here talking, I say Chenyways and that B calls me out for not posting lately.  I figured it'd been like a week....and then I realized, it's been over 2. Cue the "dude, I suck" music. I didn't realize!

I guess I can probably blame it on a recent explosion of etsy sales--listen, people are all over my Muggle Born onesie!   So I've been super busy making and sending out orders. And then there was some sickness, including J Chen getting the flu over Valentine's Day. It was cool, you know, hanging out in bed drinking wine from a coffee cup while he was passed out. Ah, romance.

Then there were the Grammy's. And 400 Facebook fans. And searching for a buffet--sideboard, whatev!--for the dining room (getting it tomorrow!). Um, and working my "real" job. And smiling, and talking loudly, laughing even louder, and being awesome. Girl, I've been busy!  ;)

The worst part? I totally missed my very own Blog-aversary on the 12th! WTF. I blame Whitney.  And Cheesecake--it was her 4th birthday. And J Chen--he made me go out to dinner....  Chenyways, hi! I'm back!  And better than ever in year 2. So, thank you ALL for caring enough to read all these crazy ramblings, and for everyone who left a nice comment--I freaking adore you!  :)

So, I just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive, and that I'm looking forward to a night of karaoke tonight!  Did I ever tell you I'm a karaoke whore? Cause I am.  Maybe we'll have a video to post tomorrow--ya neva know.

Big (Sing it, Bitch!) Smile,

Also, Blaise's creepy cat keeps staring at me. Ugh.


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