Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Admire? Acquire!: Spinning Yarn Nests Necklace

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Hey Pretty Gals!

Well I'm back with another "Admire? Acquire!" post, and I'm super excited about it, dammit.

I LOVE jewelry.  Always have.  Especially the of-the-moment kind, which is why I would never pay over $20 for it.  My go-to sites for on-trend jewelry are usually pretty cheap conservatively priced, and conjure up a ton of inspiration if not a full shopping cart.  I found my latest A?/A! over at Mod Cloth for around $28. Sorry friend, over the limit.  But for about $3, I made it myself.

I jazzed mine up a little bit more--I used more of a ghetto gold color (SATC, anyone?) wire and added the PMS Color of 2012--TANGERINE, GIRL--by way of glass beads, to the center of the nest.

Ingredient List:
16 Gauge Wire
Upcycled necklace chain
Glass Beads--optional

Step One:
Wrap your wire around the bead--this gives you something to center around as you wrap and wrap and wrap.
Step Two:
So wrap your wire around the bead until you reach the size you're looking for.  This necklace uses 3 nests of assorted sizes.  Once you're satisfied with the size, use the cutter portion of your pliers--or wire cutters, duh to ME!--to snip off the wire.  Leave yourself enough room to curl the end into a loop for your necklace.
Step Three:
Finish up your nests and then simply string them on to your necklace chain.  

Step Four:
You know what time it is!  Time to ROCK IT GIRL!  

That's the end!  Thanks for hangin girl. :)

Big (Ghetto Gold) Smile,


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