Thursday, March 22, 2012

How To: Chevron Pattern Easter Wreath

Well, hey girl, hey!

Considering it's practically summer here in Michigan--for real, 86 yesterday--and my daffodils are already up, you'd think we skipped Easter all together.  Nope, not so much!  Still two more weeks to go and I still have my St. Patty's Day wreath up.  I'm calling it my Michigan State University (GO STATE!) wreath--it IS March Madness, ya'll!  (yo, did I just say ya'll?)

Chenyways, I did make an Easter wreath (SHOCKER) and thought I'd show you!

I worked with the top of the wreath facing me.  It's how I roll.
Ingredient List:
Wreath Form (mine came wrapped in burlap)
Plastic Eggs
Hot Glue
Hot Glue Gun

Step 1.   Determine your egg pattern to be used on the wreath.  Here we're using a Chevron Pattern (Charlie Brown Stripe) in assorted colors.

Step 2.  Starting at the top of your wreath, begin hot gluing your eggs into "V Shape" patterns, as shown.

Step 3.  Continue your pattern around to complete the wreath, gluing egg tips together to secure your wreath.

Step 4.  Tie a bow at the top of your wreath to finish it off. 

Step 5.  Rock it girl!  Hang that baby up and enjoy for the next 2 weeks! ;-)

Big (Momma Nature is totally skipping Easter!) Smile,


Jerri Rivers said... Best Blogger Tips

What a cute wreath! Pinned!

~Dawn~ said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey, girl!

You've been TAGGED over at Mom-a-Logues.!

Have a good day!


Kellie Collis said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely DIY! Enjoy the beautiful week ahead, Kellie xx

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