Monday, March 12, 2012

An Observation

Hello Sports Fans!

I'm always thinking about my blog, and how little I am able to always update it.  My "problem" is, I think that to have a creation blog, one must, well, create.  However, many of my favorite blogs don't do a lot of the creating themselves.  They tend to find something cool--likely from Pinterest--and then repost those tutorials on their site.  The thing is, I could do that too.  I could probably even commit to doing that 5 times a week.  But I always wonder, is that cheating?

So the deal with me is....(well, many things!) that when I write a post, it is always a tutorial that either I have come up with on my own--and committed HOURS and HOURS to create/photograph/write, like my Sunburst Mirror or Up-Cycled Heels--or found somewhere else, but showed you my version--example, my Cupcake Pincushions.  I took a teacup pincushion and applied my passion for food.

So, I just wonder, dear readers, would you rather see an actual tutorial from me or a paragraph about someone else's?  Or doesn't it really matter to you?  Tutorials are tutorials after all, however I can't promise that they'll be as witty as mine ;-)

Big (hmmmm) Smile,


Blaise said... Best Blogger Tips

You've got such pizazz, you should talk about your style and what inspires you. I love your tutorials, but know time is not always an option. Btw, I love your "cry baby" label. I don't know if everyone will catch that :o)

Erin Alldredge said... Best Blogger Tips

I really love the things you make. They have a very unique style to them. I love to see your creative ideas, so stick with them but I certainly wouldn't be upset if you shared other peoples ideas too as long as you showed how you add your own flare to them.
I also wanted to let you know that I've passed on the Liebster Blog Award to you.

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