Friday, March 2, 2012

How To: Make a Brownie Trifle

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Oh hi.  I  made this.  -->

It's a brownie trifle of sorts with lots of other yummy stuff in it.  It was super good.  I think you should make one, too.

Ingredient List (actually makes sense this time!)
Brownies--either mix and make or buy em, girl!
2 Boxes of chocolate instant pudding
1/4 cup Kahlua--I used a cheap knock off, thanks.
1 large container cool whip
8-pack of Heath Bars--at least I think they come in 8-packs...
Container of Raspberries
Trifle Dish--MUST HAVE.  Or don't do it at all.  :)

Step One:  Let's say you bake your brownies--once out of oven, punch some fork holes all over and pour in the Kahula.  Allow to cool.  It's ok if you bought them, too!  Leave them be till Step Four.

Step Two:  While that's cooling, make up your pudding and mix with 3/4 of your cool whip.  Set aside.

Step Three:  Crush your candy and wash your berries.  Set aside.

Step Four:  Cube your brownies and set aside.  Add Kahlua now if they're store bought.

Step Five:  Layer, girl!  Brownies, candy, pudding, berries, repeat.

Step Six:  Top with remaining cool whip, candy and berries.

Step Seven:  ROCK IT GIRL!

And now you have a super easy go-to dessert to impress your friends and fam.  You're welcome!

Big (the Kahlua is optional, but why would you ever do that???) Smile,
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