Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My wall gallery--FINALLY

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oh hey friends!  I'm feeling sooo good right now because of all of you :)  137 followers, 200 FB likers--man, good day for B.Chen!!!!  It's also my last day of vacay before I'm back to reality....but whatevs, cause people LIKE ME!  :)

Anyone see this post I did back in April?  It's about my obsession with photo wall galleries.  Yeah.....I love them.  ALL of them.  One color, bright and white, vintage, the classics, or whimsy.  I want one of each representin' in the Chen House.  UNFORTUNATELY, there are some rules that I've mentioned before......  I am allowed to do whatever I see AWESOME fit in non-common areas (guest rooms, my bathroom, gym, guest bathrooms).  However, I must consult Mr. Oh-I'm-so-Contemporary J Chen on common area revamps.  So, that meant that anything whimsy, colorful or vintage was OUT.  Out I tell you!  Don't even TRY to sneak it in. It's OUT DAMMIT.  So I went rolling my eyes with the One Color Gallery--white--in our living-room.

I started collecting frames over the past few months from everywhere from thrift stores, $ stores, my friend's closet, etc.  That was the easy part.  Then there was the spraypainting.....Let me just tell you this about me:  I am NOT a perfectionist.  I am NOT patient.  I'm just not.  And I'm ok with it--I'm just always hoping that you're not looking too closely ;-) ....Henyways, what I'm saying is that I spent a ton of time spraypainting, then re-spraypainting cause I straight up suck at it.....What can you do?

Now this next part might contradict me just a little.....I did my share of homework on the best way to set this up.....I measured all the frames and cut out cardboard stand-ins for all.  I taped off a square on the wall where I would be placing the gallery.  I placed an identical tape square on the floor in front of the wall.

I probably didn't have to do the tape on the floor, but as I was laying out the stand-ins, it was so much easier to move them around on the floor then to tape and retape on the wall...

So once I had what I wanted laid on the floor, I moved it to the wall.

Once I was kinda 100% sure that I had everything I wanted, I grabbed J Chen and he helped me out with the nailing process (yeah he did!) What I did to help him was measure from the top of the frame to the hangy-thing.  Then I measured down from the top of the stand-in so J would know where to nail.  Once he made a small nail hole, I removed the stand-in and J finished nailing.  Then all I had to do was put up the frames!  Just. Like. That.
I wouldn't mind expanding on this at some point.....but for now, it really looks nice in its space :)  If I do say so myself (and I do).

Oh, and ps, this was the Before.  DVDs are SOOOO Over.  Guess I'll just have to figure out some other place to hang the stockings.  I could have have real problems.
soooo glad these are gone!  
The last look(s), for good measure :)

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by!  



Megan said... Best Blogger Tips

I love photo galleries too. I just need more photos to fill them!

I also have to consult with my husband (since I usually need help hanging.)


The Miller's said... Best Blogger Tips

Awww! This is soooo cute! I have seen these around & have been wanting to do some. I am still in the collecting frames process! ha. Love seeing the finished project tho! Very cute!


Neha @ All things beautiful... said... Best Blogger Tips

Loved your wall.
Coming over from BNOTP....when I saw your wall, I just had to check it out. Do check out my blog post here: http://allthingzbeautiful.blogspot.com/2011/06/wall-of-frames.html

You'll be surprised.....

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVIN the gallery wall girl!! It looks great! And way to go on all the followers!

XO Lindsay

imklvr said... Best Blogger Tips

Not only do I love your wall...I think you are one cutie-patootie (I'm a grandma, can you tell?) and so much fun to read! Bet you talk just like you write! Thanks for the fun.

The Outlaw Mom said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome! I'm in the middle of constructing mine, but don't have enough photos yet and haven't figured out how to place everything. Great idea to place everything on the floor all laid out like that. Thanks for sharing :-)

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