Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just in case you're wondering....

Why the hell I haven't posted any tutorials or whatnot since the sunburst mirror (I just know you're totally biting your nails in anticipation of MORE B.Cheniful Tutorials!), it's because I'm working on a ton of baby shower stuff for my bestie Leah.  AND IT'S A SECRET.  I mean, she knows about the shower, but we're not telling her anything about the theme.  And since my girl reads this everyday, there's no way I can spoil it!  So there, haha Leah!  You'll have to wait until August 13th to see the magic unfold ;-)

And so will the rest of you.  :-)  No bigs though, I'll still have WTB stuff to post, and other this-in-thats.

I promise to have a bunch of fun tutorials after her big day for all of you!  I've been snapping away as I go, cause I'm a loser planner like that.

PS, are you a Facebook Fan Yet?   You totally should be!  I'll be holding another giveaway the minute we reach 300 fans!  Oh, alright, I'll do one at 250 too!  :-)

Big (Secret) Smile,


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