Wednesday, July 6, 2011

White. Trash. Bash. the series....

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Check out The 3rd Annual WTB here!

Yep.  You read that right missy, White Trash Bash.  It's a party that we've thrown the past 2 summers, with our 3rd annual coming right up on July 23rd.  Dude, I just felt so sick to my stomach when I wrote that--I need to get my ass in gear.  Like, last month!  But let me tell you a little about this amazing party.....

  • This party takes place at our home--in a SUBDIVISION.  With houses about 20 feet away from one another.  
  • I'm usually the youngest person present, at 28 (and 26, 27....). Our kickass neighborhood makes up around 75% or so of white trash attendees, including the retirees at the end of the street.  
  • Boones Farm (asst flavors) and jello shots flow freely.  There are always paper bags available to drink straight from the bottle, 40-style.
  • Everyone is DRESSED TO TRASH!  Or your ass is not coming to play.  :)  We haven't had an issue with that yet.
  • If you're hungry we always have an assortment of pork rinds, moon pies, twinkies, Cheetos, pickled bologna, spray cheese with saltines, and an extra special SPAM dish.  DIG IN YA'LL!
  • Decor is a VERY important part of this party.  In fact I usually take the Friday before off from work to prepare.  This includes the inside AND outside of the house, as well as the Garage.  Our neighborhood parties in driveways....
  • Upping the year before is required.  The first year we were just relishing in the fact that we pulled off our first WTB.  Then last year we tied it in with J Chen's 30th B-day, which included a band, a keg, and ME jumping out of a cake that I made out of a TRASH CAN.  Wearing a "Busch Light Bikini".  GO BIG OR GO HOME.
  • There must be AT LEAST one truck parked half in our yard, half over the sidewalk.
  • Last year we busted out the slip n' slide.  This year I'm planning on at least 2, accompanied with a TARP, set up in the backyard with a sign reading "mud bog this way". 
  • This year we're calling it WTB 11, the Concert Series Edition.  That's right, cause we have TWO bands this year!  
How indulgent would it be for to do a series post on WTB?  I'd love to show you the last 2 years and then the upcoming in separate posts.  There was A LOT of DIY what went on, so this TOTALLY relates to B.Cheniful!  Dammit.  :)

Check out The 1st Annual WTB here!
Check out The 2nd Annual WTB here!

Big (Trashy) Smile,


Amber said... Best Blogger Tips

Oooo, I love this idea! I'd love to see what all goes into it!

Wendy said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my gosh that sounds awesome! Can't wait to see how this year turns out!

Tracy said... Best Blogger Tips

That is hilarious. Need to see pics.

Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm laughing my a** off!!! In fact, I just re-read your post to my hubs and he is now laughing his a** off!!! This would be great for our wine tasting group!

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