Sunday, July 10, 2011

White. Trash. Bash. The 1st Annual.

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Did we decide if this was indulgent of me to have a series blog about WTB?  Eh, whatevs!  I'm doin it!  :)

Wondering what I'm talking about?  Check out the first post here.

Don't you even THINK about trying to take MY MAN.  
Our first ever WTB was all about the details...Believe it or not, WTB is not a common party theme, so I had a hard time finding a lot of information.  So, I took to Goolge Images for inspiration and typed in "Nascar", "Trailer Trash", "White Trash", "Kid Rock" and "Britney Spears" for starters.  Here are a few of the beauties it turned up:

Girlfriend LOVES her some Jeff Gordon!

Ah, young love!

Setting good examples for future mommies everywhere!

Nascar fans are dedicated, if nothing else.  
Inspiring, huh?  

So I became a frequent shopper of the $ Store, Family Dollar, Dollar General, and a lot of thrift stores.  Here are a list of essentials you'll need if you're brave enough to face your neighbors the next day and have a WTB of your own:
  • Kiddie Pool--use for a community cooler
  • Clothes line with dirty socks, undergarmets, cut off shorts, nascar tee, etc.
  • Old Tires--these are perfect for a number of things!  Beverage tub holder, seats, fake flowers, etc.
  • Pink Flamingos
  • Confederate Flag
  • Mis-match christmas lights
  • Nascar ANYTHING
  • Looney Tunes ANYTHING--especially Tweety!
  • Wall Decor--Posters/Pictures of beer, trashy musicians, wolves, Mt. Dew, etc.
  • Old Sheets and Towels--used cover your furniture and windows.
  • Beware of Dog/No Trespassing Sign
  • Boones Farm, Jello-Shots, Busch Light, MD 20 20, Jack Daniels
  • Off-Brand cheese puffs, pork rinds, saltines, spray cheese, jerkey and snack cakes
  • Anything I heart America related:  Flags, lawn ornaments, wind chimes, etc.
  • Need something to wear?  Try People of Walmart for inspiration
That should get you off to a pretty good start.  Here are a few photos from WTB 2009!  
That's me, complete with a tray of jello-shots, leading the neighbors in.

Our yard.  And yes, that's a potty.

Our "Nascar Wall" with beer boxes

An array of WTB grub.

Our front porch clothesline
So there you have it--WTB 2009.  Stay tuned for for 2010!

Big (you BEST BE not lookin at my man!) Smile,


mary h. said... Best Blogger Tips

Followed you here from HoH. Had to laugh at this post- too funny! I am guessing though, that you have never been or stayed very long in the South. Your party was a mixture of White Trash and REDNECK. lol. Two totally different things. :D

mary h. said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh! Also, your decor was missing a few items as well. Big things were the missing heads of dead animals hanging everywhere. And your menu was lacking of squirrel, rabbit, deer.... lol.

B.Cheniful said... Best Blogger Tips

@mary h.

Mary, right you are!!!! It's a medley of crazy things! We are totally missing the animal heads--I grew up with Family members having them in their livingroom. Man, I gotta get one! At least one. :-)

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