Friday, January 6, 2012

Coffee and a (hair bun) Donut

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My chocolate hair bun donut

Guess who called me out AGAIN for being absent on posts?  One J I think I know everything Chen.  This boy drives me up the wall--especially when he's right. I really don't have anything to blame it on--just myself.

So once upon last week I was surfing Pinterst in search of all things donuts--another obsession of mine, like cupcakes, except unlike cupcakes, I love to eat these the most of any sweet in the world--and came across these hair bun donuts.  I am the queen of messy buns so I had to check this out.  The tutorial is here at Refinery29, a site that I love love love.

It's easy, free, and best of all, looks awesome!

The donut is just a sock, toe cut off, and rolled up into itself into a "donut".   Throw your hair up in a pony and put the donut through.  You may need to rat your hair a little--depending on your hair type.  Then just use the end of your rat comb to tuck in the hair under donut.  Pin as necessary, spray that bad boy and ROCK IT GIRL!

I made a bunch of these--one to throw in my hot yoga bag, one to keep in my purse, and another just waiting in the bathroom to get ROCKED.  I made mine in both white AND black, since my hair these days is a super dark "cherry cola" of sorts.

Wanna see how it looks?  Sure you do!

A messy bun is the perfect companion to any sort of hairband or clippy.  It's allllll good :-)

This is for sure a "Do it GAL"!  So, do it already!  Rock it gurrrrlllll.  :)

Update:  Guess what I found while hanging on the inet?  Um, a real life "professional" hair donut, from ASOS.  It's only $6....but why not just make it for free?  :)

Big (Yummy Yummy Hair Donut) Smile,


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Cute! I have 2 daughters with tons of hair! Visiting from homemaker on a dime! And following you too!

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