Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Admire? Acquire!: Drop Earrings

So....they're not an exact match. 
They're just B.Chenified a little more :)

Hey girllllls!

So.  What do you do when life gives you a broken necklace? You make cool shit! Earrings to be exact.  Knockoff Kate Spade Earrings. You break that sucker up and up-cycle, yo! That's what I did anyway.  :-)

So....I hoard everything. Just in case. And tonight, it paid off. I was looking for a third project of the night--the 2 others aren't ready to show quite yet--and came across it in one of the many crevasses of the Creation Station. My Mother would call it a "hell hole." My dad would appreciate the mess.  :-)

I had this necklace from Target Boutique I bought a couple years ago--it was a J.Crew knockoff--and I think it broke before I even wore it. I'll bet the J.Crew necklace wouldn't have broken. If only I could afford J.Crew whenever I want......#brokeisthenewrich.

Chenyways, here we go!
Ingredient list:
Broken Necklace (or one you're sick of)
Earring Hooks

Step One:  Using the pliers, I broke up my necklace to begin my earring design.

 Step Two:  I added parts of the chain to to support the sides.

Step Three:  Next I used a jump ring from the necklace to attach the earring hook.

Step Four:  Well, girls, that's it.  And it appears that these babies are READY TO ROCK!

What do think????  Cute, right?  Rock-tastic, right?  RIGHT!  :)
Your turn!  :)

Big (damn it feels good to be a gangsta) Smile,


nana_ang_poppaphil said... Best Blogger Tips

Very clever, what a great idea, will have to go and see what I can find in my jewellery box.

Whitney said... Best Blogger Tips

Super cute! Great idea. I hate throwing things out because they are broken - upcycling rocks!

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