Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sick, so I'm pimpin my goods!

Oh Gals....Girlfriend has been super under the weather the past week.  So that has clearly interfered with creation station time, resulting in zero posts.  Sorry. :-(

I do have some cute new onesies to show that are up for sale on my etsy page--howsabout I just pimp them here?  Ok then!

For all the Harry Potter Fans out there, I introduce "Muggle Born"
 For flat-chested girls (and BABIES!) like me, please meet "Yes, they're real."
 And for all those babies that just need some space, DAMMIT, here is "if you can read this, you're within roundhouse kick range."
Who doesn't love The Office!?!?!  Ode to Michael, "That's what she said."

That's pretty much all I have the strength for tonight friends.  Thanks for stopping by!

Big (this better be worth it!) Smile,


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