Monday, January 30, 2012

How To: 5 Minute DIY Dreamcatcher Earrings

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Let's do some math.  5 minutes + $3 = Stupid Awesome Dreamcatcher earrings.  It's true.  And I barely passed my college courses.  But let's keep that on the DL--J Chen still thinks I'm super smart ;-)

I'm in a weird mood, so I'm gonna cut to the tutorial chase.  No ramblings tonight.  Sorry, question mark?

Ingredient list at large:
Dreamcatchers--$3 at Hobbit Lobbit
2 jump rings--free (for me anyways)
earring thingys--free (for me anyways)

Step One:
and really the only step.....using your pliers, separate your jump rings.  Once open, hook in earrings and dreamcatchers.  Squeeze shut with pliers.
open up and hook in.
squeeze shut!
 Step Two:
Oh girl, you're already done!  It's time to ROCK IT GIRL!

I can't decide if I love this photo or hate it.....Eh.
Cute, huh?  YES!  :)

Thanks for hangin!

Big (catch THIS dream, bitch) Smile,


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