Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yarn wreaths for all occasions!

Hi Friends!

Over the weekend S had ANOTHER :) bridal shower.  Clearly, I like to give away b.cheniful creations as part of an overall gift and I thought that what with my new obsession of yarn wreaths, this would be a perfect opportunity to do a custom YW for Miss S.  Soon to be Mrs. S.

Girlfriend LOVES pink.  And has developed a new love for owls--similar to my love of cupcakes.  So, here is what I can up with:

First, I knew I wanted to make her an owl muppet.  I did this first as it would set the tone for the remainder of the YW.

Mrs. Muppet

Then I began the work on the rest of the felties for the YW.

Talk about a fun color story!

A big fat Tah Dah!!!!!

Want to make your own?  Do it!


Shena said... Best Blogger Tips

It's even more amazing in real life, and it will look perfect next to the owl lamp! YAAAAAAAAYYYYY!

Red Sole Photography said... Best Blogger Tips

That is super cute!

Kara @ Mine for the Making said... Best Blogger Tips


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