Tuesday, February 15, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Yarn Wreath!

I've been looking forward to swapping out my Valentine's Day Yarn Wreath (YW) with St. Patrick's Day for the past week.  Not that I didn't love my Val one, because I did!!!, but there's something about a.  a drinking holiday, b. green is my favorite color, and c. I LOVE making these wreaths!

What I love most about these yarn wreaths are their versatility.  Because you pin on your decoration, nothing is permanent and you can build a new wreath for every season.  Of course, you could just store your last wreath and start over (I thought about it) on a new one.  It's up to you!!!  Maybe I'll do that next time.....

So, here we go--this is how I built my new St. Pat's wreath:

The deconstruction of Val YW.

Blank Slate....

Felt rosettes, poms, blooms, and ribbon ready to go!

Starting pinning the pieces to your wreath,
reassembling as necessary.  

The finished product!  

to the left....

to the right...

After some thought, I'm thinking that after St. Pat's, I'll just remove the clover and keep this as my Michigan State YW.  Perfection.  ;)

Now you try!

Update!  I made another one tonight because I sold the one above to an awesome guy I work with!  Thanks Bill ;)

Here it is, Version Two.


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