Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nuptial Flowers

So, my bestie S... of, is getting hitched.  Adding a ball to the chain, taking a husband, entering into marriage-hood--or whatever.  None of that matters, cause it's happening on a CRUISE!  A fantabulous, sun-SPF 9000-soaked, 7 days miracle at the end of March.  The month that is soon approaching.  Not fast enough, but what can you do?

Hennyways, since I'm super crafty and shit, I'm in charge of hair accoutrements.  One for Pretty S, and one for K and I.  So....take a looksy at what I made for THE. BIG. DAY.

For the girl in the white-like-a-virgin dress:

Silky Feathered Flower

And for the ladies in waiting, in equally awesome dresses (not white-like-a-virgin).

Let's hear it for the girls--Silky Flower.*

* Just in case my girl S is freaking out (WHAT?!?!?) our flowers are not that dark.  They match the dress--just not matchy-matchy.  Ya see.

Big Smile!  


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