Saturday, February 26, 2011

Felt Rosettes--How To!

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red rosette infant hairband.
Who doesn't love these little rosettes?!?  They're totally darling and can be any size, shape or color you want!  Group them into twos, threes, fours or even just one rosette and they turn into a whimsy hair clip or pin that grabs lots of attention (and probably a little envy).

The best part about these little guys?  SUPER easy to create!  Wanna try?

Materials needed:
felt sheet, cut into squares (any size will work, but 3"x3" is a good size)
glue gun

step 1:  Make that square a circle!
cut around the square to form a large circle.

step 2:  Spiral!
cut your circle from the outside-in in a spiral shape.
you can also draw your spiral on the felt if that helps you out.

step 3:  They see me rollin....
start rolling into a little cinnamon bun from the outside in.

step 4:  Wrap it up!
Once you're done rolling, you'll notice the perfect little circle left at the end that will secure the rosette and complete the creation!

step 5: Glue me baby!
grab your glue gun and glue the back of the rosette, then place the circle over to firmly secure.
 yeah.....I probably shouldn't have used ivory on this how-to.....I swear I glued it!

step 6:  Make it your own, you're done!
make more rosettes to make a cluster, add little leaves to add to the backs, pin, clip, whatever!

I added mine to a cluster to make a hair clippy:

Thanks for coming!

Big Smile!
b. chen


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